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ScentedMonkey.com Samsara Guerlain Perfume Review

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  1. Tru “Ty” Finesse

    Lol trashy women

  2. Bought this for my gf. It's getting hard to find, so I had to go to the guerlain boutique in moscow to my hands on it, and wow, it blew me away. A classy sensual scent. They say Catherine Deneuve is who this perfume was created for

  3. MY BLIND BUY!!!! i thought this is full of sandalwood and unisex fragrance!!! but please dont buy this shit with this intention……. youn are in deep shit…. Lessons learnt : TRUST Only your nose…..NEVER blindly buy a parfume!

  4. Great to get a guy's perspective. Awesome. Entertaining too.

  5. ahh, not for stupid women….I see …lol

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