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Scent Storytime: Jo Malone London Nectarine Blossom and Honey Cologne

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  1. I love Jo Malone scents, but you are right. They do not last very long. My favorite is birch and black pepper which does have a little spicy complexity to it and seems to last longer than most of the florals. Still I love the fruity scents and I never thought to layer! Neato.

  2. Addie Wagenknecht

    I love layering Jo Malone stuff- which I would of never of thought of or tried but I randomly encountered a Jo Malone rep when I was in a blue mercury in philly of all places! She basically went into the entire collection with me and found the scents I responded too the best- I ended up falling in love with the mixture of peony and cardamon and have samples of them I still wear often but find they don't last as long as I would like, or even at all beyond the first 30 mins :(

  3. i had Jo malone Vanilla & Anise.lasted like few hours..5hours i guess.my friend spray on top with others parfum last longer

  4. I love this series! My points of positivity today – brunch with my brother, SIL, and 3yo niece, walking around the farmers market after, though it wiped me out – walking on this post-surgical knee is still a challenge due to the bone bruise and marrow edema – and lastly, changing out the tail light bulbs in our car. The drivers side one has been burned out since spring (hello white privilege moment – didn't get pulled over for it despite being followed more than once by police) but I changed both sides, which required disassembling the entire tail light assembly and pulling out half the trunk liner to access it. It was a pain in the butt, which is why I put it off so long, but I'm really pleased with myself for finally doing it!

  5. I had the limited edition Ginger Biscuit scent from Jo Malone and I loved it. But I found that it really was not complex and it also did not linger as long as I had liked. It lasted better than the Vanilla and Anise sample that I had, though.

  6. such a unique video series!!

  7. Jo Malone scents may be quite flat as they are designed to layer according to preference. I find the scents become multi-dimensional when layered. Your are right! Nectarine isn't fresh like Market peach. On me, Nectarine is powdery, almost heady at times.. the scent "swirls". Same like Wild Bluebell and Wild Fig & Cassis. My fav fresh scents are the Earl Grey and Cucumber, White Jasmine & Mint , Wood Sage & Sea Salt. If you prefer complex scents that linger like BlackBerry & Bay, try Jo Malone ( Dark Amber & Ginger Lily , Oud & Bergamot) / Penhaligons (LP No.9, Juniper Sling) / Diptyque ( Oyedo, L'Ombre Dans L'Eau).

  8. Shelby'sKray KrayWorld

    Loved had to like

  9. Hey Sarah!!! I'm loving the look and your fancy 👓.

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