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Scent Saturday | Wonderstruck Enchanted by Taylor Swift / Elizabeth Arden

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  1. Hello,I'm Brazilian and I love yours videos.
    Also love this perfume,unfortunately I don't have the enchanted yet.

  2. My favorite song all to well

  3. Red

  4. Hana Hejtmánková

    Can i ask you,is better Wonderstruck or Wonderstruck Enchanted? :)

  5. Great review! I bought this and I love it. This perfume actually beat out Lady Gaga's Fame perfume when it comes to longevity because I work in a warehouse and I sweat a lot. Lady Gaga's perfume only lasted an hour. Taylor's I could still smell after 8  hours of work. It surprised me to say Taylor won! 

  6. Very helpful!:)

  7. I'm sorry to ask but does anyone know where I could get the 3.4 wonderstruck enchanted at?

  8. This video is really helpful. Thank you!

  9. My favorite songs from Taylor are White Horse and Starlight!!!

  10. My fovorite song of taylor is long live and album red all well and starlight

  11. I'd like this too. However, In ma country, there is no store selling this kind of perfume.

  12. I bought a pack with the 30ml bottle, the lotion, and the smaller travel sized one for $40 at Kohls

  13. I live in Australia too I have for it today bit I'm doing shopping I got the 30ml bottle but does it still have the charms ?

  14. I can't stand enchanted wonderstruck. It just makes me feel kinda u eve

  15. You speak so… quik

  16. I love Enchanted Wonderstruck better since the original one is a little bit to sweet for me

  17. I love your Australian accent and u sound so perfectional on this video

  18. I like speak now

  19. Random question how old r u

  20. your accent is adorable!

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