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Scent Gent fragrance review: Guerlain – L’Homme Ideal

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  1. My mother bought it for me today as gift…loving it. Thanks for giving us details about it.

  2. Great review👏🏾 LHI is not my cup of tea, I don't normally like almond in scents😅 the exception for me is Cartiers Le Baiser du Dragon. Have you tried the cologne? I wonder if perhaps I will like it better😁 

  3. Finally someone that agrees with me! :)

    I enjoy this a lot. I know and understand that this is  very mainstream focused, but still Guerlain manages to reach out to me. 

    great Review Rob


  4. great

  5. Beautiful scent! The only problem with this one is that it's impossible to find it discounted, at least in Spain xD

  6. Great review Rob! L'Homme Ideal definitely takes its place amongst the Guerlain masculines of yesteryear… hints of Heritage and L'Instant PH. Let the nay-sayers say nay! I also adore it.

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