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Sauvage by Christian Dior Fragrance / Cologne Review

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  1. SO, I really like sauvage, and I was ready to go ahead and finally buy a bottle of it. But then I found out my GF's dad wears it. Suffice it to say, I will pass for now. lol I was wondering if there is something that has a similar smell, but still different.
    Any input is wil be greatly appreciated.

  2. It is a fresh scent that suits my daily use for university and my friends loved the smell a lot. It doesn't last so long on my skin (around 1 hour clear projection and then it sets close to the skin, very close, but all day it can occassionally give the feeling of: hello, i am still here). I would love to see an eau de perfume version but i would also love to try other perfumes, especially with such price.

  3. witch one is better this or blue de chanel. for compliments

  4. Have anyone noticed if the sprayer leaks a little after you spray?

  5. Hey there! Have you tried dior homme eau for men? If so what do you think between this sauvage and homme eau for men? Manu thanks

  6. I've got two minds about this I'm test driving it at this moment as I sprayed it a few hours ago it starts off on a similar feel to bleu de chanel however as it dries down I get a soapy feel to it

  7. Is this too masculine a scent or could a woman wear it?

  8. David Tipsy Drinks

    Thanxxx for the review !! I just bought this fragrance yesterday and my girlfriend LOVE IT !!! It came down between Sauvage and Bleu De Chanel and she chose Sauvage! !

  9. God, Family and Country

    This is one of those colognes where you have to test it for a couple of days. After 3 tries, I began to like the cologne. First time I wore it to work, I began to receive compliments from coworkers. As a matter of fact, I get more compliments with Sauvage than DG the one, La Nuit, and CH Men.

  10. oh, and lasted very long time on my skin 8 plus hours…refresh after a shower….very nice , excellent fragrance…..will buy again and again…….

  11. interesting, got my bottle yesterday put some of this on this morning…got 2 compliments right away…….I enjoy this fragrance . refreshing and very masculine…….in my opinion 5 stars….classic.

  12. Great review Steven 👍

  13. Great Review!!!, which would you suggest ? I'm currently stuck between two fragrances and can't pick which one to get , either Chanel Allure Homme Sport or Dior Sauvage?

  14. This cologne does not project on me, I use 2 sprays on neck, 1 chests, 1 on each wrist. 30 minutes later I can barely smell it on my self, and other people can't smell it on me.

  15. It is a huge compliment getter! I've had girls come up to me and smell me and say "omg what is that?" more than once.

  16. Another example to prove that smell is subjective…personally,  at first, the citrus kinda punched me in the face but then let on to the spiciness, which I noticed quite easily and loved.  I really like this fragrance a lot

  17. love this cologne! masculine and fresh

  18. Lol the first time i smelled this, i was thinkin' Gin & Tonic :pp

  19. Your reviews are the best !!

  20. LifeAndTimesOfEdsi

    Everybody in my work wears this cologne. I got it too and it smells amazing but its very musky and strong so I cant really wear it too much. My mom got me the whole package its just sittin in the closet

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