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Santal Royal Guerlain perfume review

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  1. after the big leather opening, i really enjoy this scent

  2. I hear you but…naw, this thing is just so designer to me. I have worn it a few times already and its just not up to par with the price tag. There are thousands of other fragrances I would rather get for the money.

    this is just a sad release from such a respected house….


  3. Well now I have to try it. Damn it! It sounds like a swinging door that hit you in the backside on the way out. More reviews please Eugen you are a voice I enjoy listening to in our community.

  4. Glad to see you review this. I did try this one, it didn't excite me though. It's not polarizing to me as much as it is dull.

  5. Ami Loves Perfume

    Thanks for your view on this one! I blind purchased this some time ago and I think I am one of the few people that loved it at first sniff! It is not one to be worn occasionally though, it needs the right weather.

  6. last year I picked up a bottle of angelique noire, and on the way out the sales lady sprayed my wrist with santal royal.. i was able to get the oud, rose and sandalwood.. oud/sandalwood was apparent to me, probably cause I own B9 shelter island which also has oud/sandalwood…and the oud/sandalwood in shelter island comes off really sharp I find..so maybe that's where some of the sharpness is coming from in santal royal.

    I found the performance in santal royal very good, easy ten plus hrs with solid projection..and Tbh I really enjoyed it as the day went on..It's a fragrance that has stuck in my mind to this day..It was on the buy list, but at this point i'll have to revisit this fragrance..

    like you, I thought it smelt a tad synthetic at first, which it was..but it started to mix well as time went on..I think quality wise, which the price point would suggest, it's in between a quality designer and guerlains exclusives..Anyways, i'm glad to see someone talking about this frag. Good Job, Thank You.

  7. I really need to get my nose on this… (I'll be sure to try just one spray first… ^_^)

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