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Santa Maria Novella Melograno cologne review

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  1. That's cool that you went to the shop. It's a nice little place. You're right Melograno does develop nicely. Some of there scents can be quite potent! Sandalwood is nuts!
    Very true, always try on skin.

  2. I wasn't terribly interested when a salesperson offered to spray Melograno on me in the SMN London shop. I let her and thought the scent was very nice. BUT….an hour later it was fantastic! I couldn't believe how uniquely lovely this smelled as the hours passed. I thought I was going to fall in love with Fieno, but I couldn't stand myself with it on–a nasty headache ensued. Lesson learned—always try a fragrance on your skin and see how it changes as the day goes on.

  3. Yeah I agree, it is so strong and the opposite of the smooth sweetness of Indian sandalwood, which I like. I recently sampled Fieno (Hay). Very nice.

  4. The Santa Maria Novella shavecream is awesome- in my Top 3 with my Acqua Di Parma and Acca Kappa 1869 Pot – I prefer it over my 2 Castle Forbes. It smells like a more light version of the old green Proraso cream in the tube. The new green Proraso (just released this month) smells a bit like the Santa Maria Novella cream – but the performance of the SMN shaving cream is just that bit better, even though the new Proraso Green is freakin awesome value for the money, just like the Speick cream is..

  5. Thanks Tae. Nice collection. I remember smelling the Tabacco one in the shop and loved it! I also own Vetiver and may buy Fieno (hay scent) or Zagara (neroli scent) next.

  6. Yes I've seen their shaving cream. Does it have a scent? If it does it is most likely to be Melograno. I have the AS + ASB! This one has good longevity. At least 8 hrs on me. Be careful not to spray too much!

  7. Wittawat Srikwan

    Great review.
    I own 3 Santa Maria Novella now ; Tabacco di Toscano, Peau d'Espagne, and Acqua di Cuba. Peau d'Espagne, and Acqua di Cuba are last on me forever and really complex. Tabacco di Toscano smells a lot like expensive cigarette.

    Tae from Thailand

  8. What kind of longevity did you get ?

  9. Again very nice review. Just bought another pots of one of my favorite shaving creams – the big pot of Santa Maria Novella. Then saw they also sold their fragrances. Didn't buy it, but after your review I might go back to the little store and test some of their fragrances…. Claus from Denmark

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