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Salvatore Ferragamo Golden Acacia first impression

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  1. RaJuR reaL deeP kooL

    You should change this to a first impression….refer to my video. A sample doesn't leave the bottle, use the same atomizer, nor directly spread from the bottle, the same.. For someone to purchase a bottle per your "review" would somewhat be misleading. You have to review the presentation as well. Other than that, I respect you impression of this fragrance. I did a "FI" last night myself. Someone else can get a sample themselves and first impression it without our contributions. But to blind buy a bottle based on a "review" of a sample isn't what we should be doing just to get views and stay on top of the game. Keep up the good work otherwise. RaJ.

  2. Great review Chad… I love the line. But Honey just isn't my thing. But I still want to smell it. thanks for bringing this to my attention. St. Patrick's …Saks …You were on 5th Avenue!!

  3. Aweeeesomeeee :D

  4. I'm just starting to take interest in this house… Thank you very much for this video and I hope you sample some more and make more first impressions on the rest of the line… ^_^

  5. Sounds good Chad. Thanks for the info and thoughts :)

  6. Great review! I found honey to be a tricky note in fragrance, so that's awesome that you found a good one. A compliment getter is a plus!

  7. Nice review amigo, I definitely need to try some of this, and also the Ferragamo F Black.

  8. Nice! 

  9. Good stuff, not heard of this yet, sounds like something id like, certainly wouldnt pay that price though lol, cheers!

  10. Well done bro…great take

  11. Nice review man!

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