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Salvatore Ferragamo F Black fragrance/cologne review

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  1. RV Villaflores Jr

    I bought it i like the fragrance specially the opening, i spray it before going to bed just to try the longivity its pretty good for the price of $30 when i wake up and its still there it end up a liitle bit of amber, but i think amber was not in notes list. Still good like it.

  2. 29.00 dollars on amazon.com

  3. Picked this up at Ross for $28

  4. Freeman Fragrance

    Nice review can u do a review on attimo pour homme by salvatore ferragamo please and thanks

  5. Similar to me to Allure from chanel, the original. Only cheaper. Great video!

  6. Scratch the powder comment ( that was from memory ). I just sprayed it, and now detect a sort of bubble gum vibe.

  7. Nice review, with at least two lovely ladies in the room. I like this one and the pour Homme ( with the fig note ). I don't recall you mentioning anything about longevity, but I think I may need to bump up my spray count on this one. Seemed to fade, on my skin, but have only reached for it twice. Kind of a sweet and somewhat powdery cloud, with a clean vibe, balanced by the pepper.

  8. Kenneth “The KC Newman” Cheadle

    Nice Review my good sir 

  9. Magnificent review man, thanks to your friend for the honest comments! So funny , she say do not enjoy 6 sprays of Armani Code with the car windows up lol. Well I think I'm blind buying F black soon, I know you don't recommend a blind buy but I'll still blame on you. ? Great job

  10. This one sounds great guys. Thx for the great video :)

  11. The Fragrant One

    This is a great fragrance.

  12. It would be interesting to know the story of how he began wearing Armani Code. Great video, Thanks !

  13. theLupeXperience

    Merry Christmas, great opinions guys :)

  14. Got it, like it. I think I prefer the original F , very similar without as much pepper or berry smell to me. Also just purchased SF PH original with the fig. Very nice. Thx and cheers. 

  15. I have the Ferragamo F pour homme version , i like it , more for spring and summer ,i need to try the black , I like Ferragamo colognes though well blended

  16. Merry Christmas guys, thanks for the video:)

  17. Nice review. I see you hang out with all the beautiful people. 😉 So, you're locked down with the brown. Too funny! Once you go brown you can't turn it down. 

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