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Rush by Gucci: Perfume Review / Fragrance Review

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  1. this is my mom's signature perfume. On other people, this smells odd… unpleasant… but on her, it smells really good. Very sophisticated. She's a businesswoman who stays pretty much inside an airconditioned environment all the time. It's very distinctive. Stays on her forever… lol! Even after her maid washed her clothes, it seems like the smell stayed and in her closet, bags.. things of her. its like her. She also likes White Linen whenever she could not find this around local stores.

  2. Roberto Inostroza

    I've smelled this before. It reminds me of someone who didn't use to take showers daily and going to my work place. Then I smelled it once on a friend and thought SHE wasn't taking showers. I found out it was a perfume when ANOTHER girl wore it so I had to ask..what is that? she said "Gucci Rush, but it's discontinued". I was so glad lol

  3. When you talk about how it's sweet but with a sour twist it reminds me of the scene in "American Hustle" where Jennifer Lawrence's character talks about how all the best perfumes have a slightly rotten undertone. "Like flowers…but with garbage!" LOL

  4. Review Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black

  5. EsPeRaNzA GaRcIa AlVaReZ

    Lo maximooo..!

  6. Mariela Castellanos

    Ultimate favorite fragrance.

  7. Not interested in perfume as im a bloke.
    But i wouldn't of watched 'The Word' for as long as i did without
    the eye candy that is Katie 😉

  8. I tried Première by GUCCI at Sephora and it smelled so good! I got a sample to take home

  9. I adore this one! I always get compliments!


  11. themaskedredbandit

    Great review, as usual! Gucci Rush is one of these iconic perfumes along with Angel, D&G PF (red cap) or JPG Classique. Once you smell it, you'll never forget it. One of a kind; should never be discontinued or messed up with reformulation. Such scents should be protected by law! That said, I was never able to wear Rush myself but I like to inhale it from the bottle from time to time or smell it on someone else.

  12. Katie Puckrik Smells

    You've found your magic fume partner.

  13. Pedro Rafael Correa Henry

    For some reason, people love how it smells on me. At first, it starts with a synthetic smell, but its drydown turns into a milky vanillic skin scent. I love it! 😀

  14. Katie Puckrik Smells

    @Giasaysthat Y'know, I haven't, and I need to do a review, because I love it! But I have a little mini-review of it on my Fumefinder web app.

  15. Hi Katie, i really trust your reviews.I was searching the review for Burberry classic perfume on your channel and couldn't find it.Have you done a review on it ? :)

  16. @KatiePuckrikSmells Good to know. Now my sister and I have to take back our looks we gave to her husband when he was given the simple task to get her some Rush last Christmas. We didn't say anything. But We are sure he knew it wasn't a genuine smile. So he was innocent, after all. Men can't pick get the right perfume because it isn't there; a shop keeper will talk them into something else, yes? I know they do. I did it when I was young, never for perfume, & Christmas eve only .

  17. Katie Puckrik Smells

    @lisa8220 Gucci Rush is still available – it's usually at Sephora (though selection varies from shop to shop), and definitely online. Nordstrom (and all dept stores, I guess) has a limited selection – limited to a few new things, a few best sellers, and a few warhorses. And then a Jo Malone concession with the ENTIRE line. It always feels so arbitrary to me.

  18. I went to Nordstrom to pick up some Gucci Rush, and maybe a gift set early November. Alas, they no longer carry it. They had a box a miniatures of Gucci Fragrances, but Rush was not among them. Since I have lost my sense of smell, I don't buy anything I don't already know. Do you have the skinny on why they aren't marketing it.

  19. please do a review of Gucci Guilty Intense

  20. Katie Puckrik Smells

    @Westwoodboy1 Well, thank you!

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