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Rue Faubourg: Famous Chanel Egoiste Ad Jean Paul Goude Commercial

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  1. My favorite commercial. Ever.

  2. Égoïste.
    Où es-tu?
    Montre-toi misérable!
    Prends garde à mon courroux!
    Je serai implacable!
    Ô rage!
    Ô désespoir!
    Ô mon amour trahi!
    N'ai-je donc tant vécu que pour cette infamie?
    Montre-toi égoïste!
    Égoïste, égoïste, égoïste, égoïste, égoïste, égoïste, égoïste, égoïste!

  3. Who were those models? They were very good at acting too!

  4. Luiz Rogerio Blumenthal

    montre-toi, misérable!

  5. Mathilde Labuthie

    My favorite ad so far, can't stop watching it!
    I just wish it would last longer! Love Jean Paul Goude!

  6. wtf

  7. Somehow, I can't stop wondering how everything happened here, and the other passers-by were like "WTF is their problem?" XD

  8. frisssons purs à chaque fois que je revois

  9. What is the name of the song??

  10. Were these women angry? What were they saying? Who were they mad at? I just don't understand the language. 

  11. From when I was a kid for some reason there were two ads that stick out in my mind even to this day, it was this one and the Gap commerical by Max Blagg

  12. Love Chanel! Piano keys and trains!

  13. epic. like the idea all the girls going mad about it – for man. 

  14. Funny how the "new" M&S Christmas commercial is practically identical…

  15. Com'è che noto solo adesso che la finestra sopra quella dell'uomo non va a tempo? E soprattutto, com'è che mi pongo queste domande? 

  16. This commercial was filmed by Jean-Paul Goude in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in a set built to resemble the Hotel Carlton from Cannes, as he said:

    "Le film fut tourné à 10 kilomètres de Rio de Janeiro, en rase campagne, dans un décor de cinéma entièrement reconstitué à l'image du Carlton de Cannes. Pas question à l'époque de trucages sur ordinateur, donc très peu de postproduction."

  17. Barbaroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!

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