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Royal Oud by Creed Fragrance / Cologne Review

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  1. StrawberryDoubleDip

    Layer with Green Irish Tweed for SPECTACULAR results!!!


  3. Hi Cody could you please do a review on la yuqawam my friend from the Middle East just gave me a decant of it smells similar to Tuscan leather, but to me a lot better and last longer

  4. Agree 100% with your review…really nice review

  5. Excellent review! after watching your review , I called Holt Renfrew and bought a bottle  ,If this stuff gets on your clothing it last a week, Asm .

  6. This is a very mature scent. 30 and up only.

  7. This Fragrance reminds me of what grampas wear.

  8. SouthernOregonOrgani

    Nine sprays????? thats insane!!

  9. you can get amazing quality oudh from this ebayer http://stores.ebay.co.uk/SHUKRIYA-IMPEX At amazing prices. these are top quality oudh perfumes from the uae.

  10. Thanks for your great reviews. If you don't mind may I ask you where did you purchase the bottle? I got one from ebay, the cap is the same and I doubt it's not authentic. I would really appreciate if you respond.  

  11. Royal Oud is my #1 favorite scent.  Others come close: Aventus, Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, but I keep coming back to RO. I hope they never discontinue this one!

  12. Hands down one of the best juices out there. This is my go to juice for a big day (interview, meetings, etc) This is a mature, GREAT scent! Great review, man!

  13. Yup.. I really do. I can see your point though that it has a more mature vibe..but this is really about as light as it gets for an Oud fragrance. Comes off as a fresh oud to me

  14. You really think this is an all-age summer fragrance? To me the woods are way too ashy, masculine, and dark for either the summer or for a youngun.

  15. I have not.. smells like this?

  16. lol.. i love that term. Drama free sprayer :)

  17. Nice review

  18. i can't wait to get my order its on the way. wow iam glad, it seems like good choice i made

  19. This reply is a bit late but I just started wearing this regularly. I get 6+ hours of decent projection and lasts as a good (as in you don't need to inhale your arm to find it) skin scent for 12+. Normally, my skin absorbs stuff like crazy and I get awesome performance on this. So, obviously mileage may vary but this works really well for me.

  20. I usually get an easy 8 hours plus with the sprays i use though going to disagree that i would never recommend wearing this in summer

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