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Rose Noir by Byredo Review! (Rose Month #20)

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  1. Ehsanul Qureshi


  2. Ehsanul Qureshi


  3. Very nice review – thank you! Rose Noir is not an every day scent for me but is quite attractive and, yes, feminine. Byredo stuff is just cool. Love their Bal D'Afrique and Seven Veils. I wish their longevity was better though. Oud Immortal's longevity is exceptional though. 

  4. This is one of only a few very good reviews i found here. Most reviews are a piece of…
    Thanks for it! btw: i love Rose Noir.

  5. I find it noir. Dark rose. It's wet and a bit musky

  6. Only one I have is Pulp and I really enjoy it. I need to get my nose on more from the line. Thx for the info. Sounds great for a woman. 

  7. I'm a virgin when it comes to Byredo! Got to get my nose on some including this one! But safe rose scares me! :(

  8. yonathan rodriguez

    Can you make a review of paco rabanne invictus

  9. Anita Misztalska

    I love this one :) hah fresia is one of my faves flowers :)

  10. Great review as always man… An inoffensive woman's fragrance doesn't sound like 'Noir' to me… ^_^ Be back tomorrow…

  11. "Do I smell freesias? If I see freesias anywhere, I will be very disappointed." Miranda Priestly "The Devil Wears Prada". I really enjoyed this review and unlike Miranda Priestly I am never disappointed by the Fragrance Bros. reviews. 

  12. Great review. Glad I'm one of your almost 5000 subscribers.

  13. jeffrey18930576

    Just two more subscribers and you hit 5000. Congratulations Fragrance Bros. ! Great video, Thanks !

  14. Noir: I do not think that means what (they) think it means. Inoffensive? That has a place, but I'm with you, don't title it Rose Noir. Thanks for the review. 

  15. Fragrance Bros.

    day 18!

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