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Roadster par Cartier Fragrance Cologne review (2008)

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  1. your pronunciation of the brand name disturbs me

  2. If didnt have that metal in the base i would like it. It hurts my nose.

  3. This is INDEED OVERWHELMING. I do not like it. Insanely green and sharp and headache inducing. I could definitely see someone punching my light out if I wore it on a night out. Very offensive to the nose.

  4. it reminds me the of begining of versace man where there is no mint in the notes , Versace is much more sweet while it develops . Do you also get that ?

  5. What's up with the Roaster…. no follow up on yet??? Looking forward for that. Love this scent.

  6. Mark, how does Cartier Roadster work in a 30 ºC day? I'm thinking about buying it for an everyday cologne. Last year I was wearing Hugo XY for college and it got the job done, now I want to get something more sofisticated. I've watched yours Hugo XY review and you spoke about Cartier, and it really got my attention. Greetings from Brasil.

  7. LEBRONN!!!!

  8. been using it for over 3 months now. really pleased, natural smelling mint, has this light smokiness about it. the drydown is the pinnacle of this perfume, vanilla and labdanum, the wood is an almost aromatic cashmere wood

  9. amazing stuff, excelent for spring and summer.

  10. dammit mark you really know how to sell a product don't you. i'm so getting this next week and its probably gonna be my signature scent. awesome review

  11. Great Review! So, the Roadster is on the top in your 2012 spring TOP20, he win!!!

  12. versache eau fraiche

  13. cool how people differ, I love it, actually :)

  14. actually, a good review, thanks

  15. I am a man(kid) 14 and most of the fragrances i like are for older men, what could you recommend that is sophisticated for my age and is good in the summer?

  16. Definitely a pick-up for me this spring! Tested it numerous times and love it :-)

  17. hey marc! I wanted to try this one, but I could not find it, so I'll blid buy it online. I do not know if I should choose this one or the sport variant? so little help please :)

  18. sorry Marc, but one of the most beautiful bottles? I don't like the design, it looks like a babybottle!! that's why I don't want it in my collection… but I respect your opinion.

  19. SouldjahFromTheNorth

    the drydown definetly smells like vanilla vetiver and patchouli. but the nice minty top notes only lasted for like half an hour in the heat today.. after that, this shit warms up and isn't refreshing anymore…unfortunatly… the top notes are so nice ,fresh and maskulin but they dont last…i can't recommend it for the price…it's a good fragrance, but nothing special in my opinion…not for me…but try this people…you can't go wrong to check this out!

  20. With summer around the corner, I was curious about Eau de Cartier Essence d'Orange. Did you get to sample this?

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