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Rihanna Reb’l Fleur Perfume Review

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  1. awesome comprehensive review! thanks!

  2. Richard “Noir Fox” Russell

    I finally ordered a bottle of this. Based upon the rave reviews of thousands of people, I'm assuming this one is a cut above the rest. I'm a sucker for "tropical noir" fragrances (i.e. Manoumalia, Black Orchid, etc). I'll let you know my thoughts when it comes in the post. Happy New Year :)

  3. love your reviews.

  4. I have tried Rogue, the latest perfume from Rihanna and I really like it. All her fragrances have been really good. I should definitely review Queen – thanks for the request!

  5. She released her latest perfume now. Also could you review Queen latifa's pergume as well?

  6. I agree with your co-worker, Reb'l Fleur is a bit strong for work, for me its more of a 'going out' perfume.

  7. Got this last christmas It smells nothing like tigress from the 70 s which im a huge fan of Tigress is cinnamon vanilla to me. This stuff is like a big ball of carmelized something to me. Co worker said it was too strong , dry down a little better.

  8. ok you go to fragrantica Faberge Tigress in your search

  9. perfume/Faberge/Tigress
    yes it is still around. In fact while shopping the other day I ran into it in a discount shop. How ever after trying a sample it was much more heavy then I remember. But its still available.

    copy and paste.

  10. Hi Melody, I haven't tried Tigress, is it still around? I normally save Reb'l fleur for evening wear as well.

  11. I just purchased Reb'lfleur by Rihanna. I found it to have a heavy sweet musk like fragrance . Kinda reminds me of Tigress . That was a deep heavy musk smell from the 70's. But this takes just a little amount. It's soft but yet a seductive sent. I think for that extra special evenings. I like it.

  12. Definitely. Reb'l Fleur smells fantastic and is long lasting. I think I paid about that with no regrets!

  13. Is it worth paying $25 for?

  14. Hi, Rebelle is good but my personal favourite is Reb'l Fleur – it does smell so good.

  15. kat, which 1 is better Reb'l Fleur or rebelle ??
    last time i test Reb'l Fleur and rebelle.. i more like rebelle.. but after few hours,rebelle smell more ginger .. and rebl fleur smell so goodddd… help me kat :(

  16. Dou you think that Miami Glow Jennifer Lopez is similar? kisses

  17. The 2 perfumes I have worn recently that come to mind are S by Shakira and Jessica SImpson Fancy Nights. S by Shakira is a really nice perfume that is less girly and has a really nice woody vanilla base. If you want something a lot more mature and sophisticated smelling then try Fancy NIghts. It is very strong with loads of vanilla and patchouli. Let me know what you think! Have you tried these perfumes?

  18. I had this perfume and I loved it.
    can you please tell me wich perfumes smell a little vanilla without having this teenage smell??
    I loved ultra violet, rebel fleur, midnight rose, nicki minage (But i will not buy it I dislike her) but im still seatching for THE perfume, mine..can you suggest something?


  19. I did spray it about three times on my neck! So I think I will try what you said! One spray on the wrist! Thanks for the reply!

  20. Oh no, that's too bad. :(
    It is quite strong. How much did you spray and where? Maybe just try one squirt on your wrist and see how you go. If it doesn't work for you hopefully you can do a swap with a friend.

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