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REVIEW: Oribe’s New Fragrance – Côte d’Azur!

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  1. secretoktober7609

    Hi Michele! Omg I Absolutely agree with you on Oribe's Cote d'Azure fragrance. I don't wear perfume but I also adore the fragrance in his products. I, too, blindly purchased thinking I had finally found my fragrance! I kept thinking it was me but now I know it's not. I didn't want to try to return the product because I felt lame fornot liking it and now it's too late to even try. I'm going to take it to my nearby consignment store and just take a loss and maybe it will find a home elsewhere. Thank you!!!

  2. it is exactly the same fragrance as the hair products… my third bottles already!

  3. You should try the hair and body oil!!! its better than the spray!! u can use it like perfume but its not as strong. It lasts longer than the hair products. I use to work for them at the salon.

  4. Oh my god I had the same EXACT experience, down to ripping open the box in my excitement. smells NOTHING like the texturizing spray :( sooooo disappointed.

  5. Amada Peralta (Amy)

    Same thing happened to me, I bought the foundation mist based on the reviews from Oribe and it stinks!! It performs well but i can't get myself to put it on… smells like grass! Don't apologize for saying the truth.
    Btw.. Dry texturizing spray is really good. 

  6. Hi Michele!  You probably don't even have this perfume anymore….but if you do still have it and don't like it at all…would you be interested in selling it?  Total shot in the dark, but i thought i'd try!!! thanks:)

  7. I thought the same about the fragrance. On first sniff of the bottle, even, I could tell it wasn't the same beloved Oribe signature scent. I use the Anti-Humidity spray and the hair refresher on a regular basis. They smell amazing and and in the Côte d'Azur scent. I tried the fragrance on my wrists and hoped when it dried down it would be what I wanted, but its so strong and smells so very different (heavy, musky, overpowering) that I am devastated to say I have to find a way to return it. It was a Christmas gift from my husband. He bought it from Bluemercury (via Amazon). I have tried wearing it, but every time I do I get a pounding headache. I usually wear D&G Light Blue, Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey and Elizabeth & James Nirvana White. I have worn some musky or spicy scents in the past. I love Dior Fahrenheit. This one was a big disappointing failure for me. I'd rather spend the $85 on their products that I love. So sad! 

  8. Fyi silver one smells like old lady 

  9. I find it odd you don't like it but like you said body chemistry may be it ?!? I have worn it multiple times on me smells great and smells like the hair products ! I love it ! I did hate the silver one personally 

  10. You should return it! 98$ is too much to keep something you don't like AT ALL.

  11. You are 100% correct.  I was going to buy it blindly off the Oribe website too, but they had a tester of it at my salon today.  It is terrible and smells nothing like the signature scent of their hair care line.  Total disappointment!!!

  12. Try Joop! all about eve perfume! I think it smells like Oribe dry texturing spray! 

  13. Thanks for the review because I am as obsessed with the scent if he texturizing spray as you are. It would be the only perfume I would need but I'm glad I didn't blindly buy it. Love love the oribe scent 

  14. Jeremy Fragrance

    we should do a fragrance video together

  15. My perfume arrived today (fast shipping Birchbox!), and although it isn't an exact match to their hair products, I do think it is similar… more like a "distant cousin" than a "twin" or "sister".  I especially smell their signature scent when I first spray it, but as it dries down I smell jasmine and plum much more.  I actually like the scent, but I do wish it was an exact match.

  16. Stacy Vanderhulst

    I tried Elizabeth and James per your recommendation and it is fabulous! Thanks! Please tell me what you are displaying in your shadow box frames? Happy Halloween, Michele and Addison! 🎃

  17. Michele~contrary to the stereotype…even us old ladies don't like "old lady fragrances, lol!!!"
    Hopefully you can send it back for at the least credit towards something preferable.
    Sweet wishes,

  18. you might wanna try the Cote D'Azur hair perfume that they sell.  it smells exactly like the fragrance you love but it doesnt leave residue in the hair and it's super potent :)

  19. Is it just me or does Michelle kind of looks like Bethany Mota? 

  20. Thanks for the review. I would have bought it but your review saved me some money.

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