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Review on Taylor swift wonderstruck perfume

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  1. Here's a great online resource for Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift… free shipping, too


  2. Wonderstruck enchanted smells better in my opinion because when u first spray it it smells floraly then u can really smell vanilla

  3. omg I LOVE the look of it, wish i could get it soon:)

  4. CrystalMoonLight003

    COOL! I wish i had an accent..i don't have one -.-

  5. pixielott20208989

    Scottish accent, how??? And lol its nearly school time and I am going to put this perfume on right now! Xx

  6. CrystalMoonLight003

    What kind of accent do you have?

  7. pixielott20208989

    I know!!!! X

  8. soooo awesome

  9. pixielott20208989

    Thanks! X

  10. Omg, you're lucky!! Congrats!!

  11. pixielott20208989

    Yeah I'm planning to get that next month, though how does it smell like? Is is better than this one? AND thanks! XXX

  12. Love the review…you should get Wonderstruck Enchanted as well. Its AMAZING<3

  13. pixielott20208989

    Wow, thats pretty cool and thanks! Xx

  14. pixielott20208989

    Haha! Thanks! X

  15. Great review, I got Wonderstruck a while ago, and the last time I put it on, I remember it lasted even till the next day!
    There needs to be more perfume that lasts that long and smells this nice, lol.
    Also, I love the rainbow shine, I can always see how much is left if I shine it near my window. :)

  16. Your lucky, u get to smell like Taylor! šŸ˜‰

  17. Your welcome and please tell me when you are and I think its kinda cool that you noticed my nail polish cuz its really light though thanks a lot! X

  18. Oh and Btw!! I love your nailpolish!

  19. Ahww thank you!!
    I really want it!! So I think I'm going to order it!! I'll let you know when I do!!

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