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Review of Party Candy by Preferred Fragrance; Impression of Prada Candy

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  1. U can get them at grocery outlet, dollar general, and sometime rite aid has them

  2. Thanks for the review, I was contemplating trying the cheap version, which I never have done before… I always go for brand names. I am so glad I watched this because the "warmth" is what I like about the Prada Candy, so I will stick with the original! Thanks again!

  3. I've tried both, and like Party Candy better. However, Party Candy doesn't last on the skin. It's more of a body spray, when it comes to lasting power.

  4. I love this one more than the real thing! :-)

  5. Sorry I have not responded sooner. :( I have been a little MIA. Yes this one is definitely similar.

  6. Awesome, thank you. I definitely will. :)

  7. I am so glad my reviews help you. It makes doing these video's so much more worthwhile knowing they do help, so thank you. :)

  8. I can and I will. Anything perfume I have shown I will be giving a review on but I like to hear which ones you guys are interested to hear about so I can make a priority list. So thank you and their will be more reviews very soon.

  9. lol you can definitely get carried away with buying these perfumes for how inexpensive they are. :) I know I did. You should let me know what you find comparing the Diamond Collection to Preferred. I have been nervous to try that brand for some strange reason. :)

  10. Thank you. I am a bit obsessed with Elvis and anything 50's related. :)

  11. Elvis Presley 1956 love me tender era portrait on the wall. Very cool

  12. I just got this one and I really like it! It is so yummy to me, and makes me kinda hungry. I can definitely smell the caramel on me. It will definitely be a good bedtime/casual scent for me. I love so many of these perfumes, I have built quite a collection in only about two weeks! lol I love these perfumes and some others from a different brand called the "Diamond Collection- Luxurious Fragrances", which are also sold at Rainbow. I am currently trying to compare the quality of the two brands.

  13. I've seen Preferred Fragrance at Burke's. I cannot remember the price. How much did you pay for your perfume?

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  15. In Australia it is $2.50 in the reject shop

  16. Some people do go crazy & snap at you for hauls in videos or blogs.,.same w/ collections. I think they are just jealous or something. Personally I love haul & collection videos/blogs. I can't always get to the store to see what is new. Hauls help me because if I see something I like I take note of it & look for it. Plus different areas of the country get different products at different times. They are just fun…esp perfume hauls :) I look forward to you doing a haul when you can. :)

  17. I have to admit I have been a little nervous to do hauls. I always see how people snap when people upload hauls lol. They always think they are bragging. I love watching hauls though so I will definitely do one the next time I buy some fragrances. :)

  18. You know to be honest, a couple of times lately when I have purchases some of these fragrances, they have smelled a lot like alcohol when I spray them initially. At least one of them has just been plain crap though. I always wonder if it is just a bad copy too. My Party Candy's initial spray smells like alcohol at first but after it dries it smells great. It may have just been a bad one. :)

  19. Quick question I forgot to ask have you thought of doing a haul when you do pick up new perfumes from preferred fragrance? i think it would be fun to see what scents are out there and what you pick up. :-)

  20. This is not a musky smelling perfume so you would probably like it. It is pretty soft and sweet. That is definitely another reason to put the perfume on your clothes instead of your skin. These work so much better on your clothes. Sometime, even though i know it's not a great idea, I spray a little in my hair. Not a lot but just a little because it last a lot longer on there too.

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