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Review: MyPerfumeSamples.com

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  1. I have used this service and it is wonderful.  However, I would suggest using the product up quickly.  Correct me if I am wrong, I read perfume decanted in a plastic container does not last as long as glass container, they are likely to change or go bad quicker.

  2. I can tell everyone from a cursory glance, these guys carry some nice Lines!
    (imo, better than scentbird … they are OK, but fairly limited.)
    If I needed any perfume, I'd do this in a hot minute.
    5 ml will last a while, especially the more variety you have.

  3. Just got my perfume samples and I am super impressed. If you like Stella by Stella McCartney, you will freak out over Roses de Chloe by Chloe. I am not even kidding. It smells the way real garden roses smell.

  4. Thank you for sharing this! And thank you to the website for sharing this with you, so you could share it with us! I have been looking, hoping, and waiting for a site like this. After perusing the site, I found so many fragrances I want to try. ^.^

  5. I am all over this… Thanx for sharing! 

  6. Great review! Thank you girl! 👏👏💕

  7. well now this sounds pretty nifty.  Thanks for sharing doll face.
    Me xo

  8. Thank you so much for this video! This is such a fantastic idea. I like to change fragrances often and have a wide variety to choose from. I normally tend to buy fragrance rollerballs so that for the price of one full-sized bottle, I can have three or four rollerballs. The only drawback to these rollerballs is that they don't spray, you just apply them by rolling the ball over your skin, which makes it so you can't really put perfume on your clothing. The price for the My Perfume Sample bottles are great. A rollerball tends to run between $18 and $25 for 10 mL of perfume, so $9 for My Perfume Sample 5mL is a great deal. Being able to actually spray the fragrance on both my skin and clothing makes it just that much better. I will definitely be ordering from My Perfume Sample.

  9. Samples of fancy lady perfumes 😃 I love this idea!

  10. Once I use up some of my big bottles of perfume, I'm going to try out this site to try some perfumes I'm curious about but not ready to commit to a full bottle. Thanks for sharing Melanie!

  11. ratherlikehearts

    Thanks for the review. The only perfume sample type of online store I heard of was the perfumed court(and yes that other one you mentioned at the beginning of the video). I've always wanted to try more luxe brands- Tom Ford, Diptyque, Jo Malone etc without having to buy the $100+ bottle. 

  12. Everyday Nicole

    I had heard about this before but never looked into ordering from them. I just looked at the website and they do have some good ones. There are a few I want to order. Thanks for sharing and the coupon code! xo Nicole

  13. This is so right up my alley. It's scary how much we are alike. I'm trying to get through my makeup and perfumes and found some of both have turned. :( I try to do my makeup and wear perfume every day (because I have so damn much) but also it just makes you feel better when you have make up and perfume on at least I (and my hubs) think so.  I'm bored fast with scents too- same with candles so I can see myself using this service a lot. I get a ton of perfume samples with my Birchbox but at least at this site I can pick them. Now I'm thinking I need Si.  

  14. Lindsay Danforth

    I really like the idea of this site! I got a tiny vile of Gucci Guilty Black a while back and liked it. The price for the 1 oz bottle is $61 at Sephora, so I want to be able to use it a little bit more before I commit. I love that there are different sizes you can buy. Thanks for sharing this!! :)

  15. I love Myperfumesamples.com and buy from them regularly! It annoys the heck out of me to see big bottles go bad before I can use them. Buying small purse friendly sizes I can use for a week or two then move on to something else is better! I agree with you it is better to invest in the spray samples instead of the small glass vials that are a pain to use. :)

  16. Great idea! 

  17. Jennifer Showalter

    When I finish my current perfume I'm def checking this out. I only have 1 perfume at a time so I'm super picky about what I spend money on! I can try different stuff without long term commitment before deciding what I want! Thanks for sharing 

  18. This sounds really interesting! Do you have to pay shipping?

  19. I have purchased from this company and think it's a great concept. I like to try different things and don't want to use the same perfume every day so this works well for me. I like the 3ml sprayer. I think it's the best deal. 

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