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Review: Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume Review A+

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  1. So a "thin", "blonde" would wear this? Well I'm screwed! I'm a chubby brunette. But I wear it anyway! 

  2. is the black one is the same as this but strong rghit

  3. The smell of a perfume has nothing to do with how someone looks.

  4. The smell of the

  5. i totally agree

  6. itspocahontasbitchh

    I definitely agree with you. Daisy is soo fresh and light and easy to wear. In my review I mentioned how it's not that strong though.. I have to spray it way too often, only downside. Smells great though :)

  7. This is certainly NOT a common generic perfume! It smells amazing and I still wear it at age 35! I prefer the Eau De Parfum rather then the Eau De Toilette though. The 2011 collectors bottle edition is Hot Pink with a black bottle and Hot pink flowers! VERY Pretty!

  8. smells amazing <3

  9. my signiture perfume i love…….

  10. What does that mean, generic perfume?? Nice review!! I want to get this perfume.

  11. i bought the roll on at sephora I love it. ima def make it my signature scent evn if its the generic scent haha it smellls soo good

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