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Review LaVanilla Healthy Deodorant

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  1. 99.99% of natural deodorants are NOT anti-perspirants because they don't contain aluminum which is the harmful ingredient that blocks sweating…I've tried most of the natural deodorants in the market to avoid aluminum…none of them stop sweating…I'll give this one a try too

  2. Brittannia Alina

    I have the pure vanilla and I love it.. Don't forget this product does not contain the same ingredients as dove or secret as they contain harsh ingredients hence why they work so well. But for a natural deodorant I think this does a very good job also keep in mind everyone's body is different. Some have more sweat glands than other and some are more prone to a strong body oder scent :). Just my thoughts

  3. To prevent sweating and re-applying deoderant I blow dry my armpits and apply Certain Dri (Antipersperant). Then to mask any odors if I do start to sweat I put the healthy deoderant on top of the Certain Dri, then blowdry my pits again. I hope this helps someone!

  4. OMG, this one too? I just bought a deodorant from La Roche Posay and it's the same type of stuff, I think = not working. You saved me some $ 😉 Thanks!

  5. I also keep a sample size in my purse and reapply when needed :)

  6. I agree with makeuprevs… You do have to reapply and this will not keep you from sweating. All products that have "superhuman" strength are not really good for you… So were trading convenience for health in the end!

  7. I had this in Vanilla Lavender & used it all up & it worked great for odor protection, then I bought the Vanilla Coconut & every time I use it my under arms break out in a rash. It's strange because the first one didn't & it's all natural. Meh…. weird.

  8. Ok thanks for your reply my veins are a mix lol I guess maybe im a bit of both.
    Thanks for your time 😀

  9. Look at your veins on your wrist, if they are more green then you may be warm toned, if they are blue then you may be more cool toned. But that doesn't mean anything to picking a highlighter shade, cool toned people can wear warm toned highlighters and vice versa.

  10. I have the deodorant in the reg Vanilla scent, and I love it!!! I will be very sad if Sephora is no longer selling this product!

  11. It is best to have someone in person determine your undertone. I would just be taking a guess with out seeing you

  12. You can get much cheaper natural deodorant at any drug store. I used Tom's when I lived back in the US. Was under $5

  13. It hasn't work for me…I bought the lavender…i personally love the scent…I'm back to using dove.

  14. Hi I have just subscribed to you ;D please can you advise me on something its driving me crazy!! I don't know what my undertone is I am very fair and never tan, Blonde hair and Blue eyes but i do look ok in either silver or gold? this is a problem because i don't know what highlight to get!! I was looking at Nars Albatross is this colour universal do you know? please any ideas for me would be great. Do i go for a silvery shade r a gold im soooo confused haha.

  15. I think people are missing the point of this deodorant…it's natural, it's NOT an antiperspirant, so you will sweat. Antiperspirants contain aluminum which is VERY bad for you and is not worth the huge future health risks. I use crystal roll on deodorant and love it. The switch from dove to crystal was very easy. It's better to sweat a little than hurt your health. No brainer there.

  16. have you tried the CLEAN Original Scent Moisture-Absorbent Deodorant sold at Sephora, i've heard great things about it=)

  17. i love listening to your reviews! you're definitely one of my favorites!

  18. My fav is the coconut. I loved it during the winter but now that its been hot out I have to re-apply. Not sure which other one im going to use in the summer. I dont think ill be comfortable re-applying again and again

  19. The Donna Karen has is not natural, that's why it works.

  20. Really helpful review as I have been interested in trying this. : )

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