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REVIEW | Lacoste White – Eau de Lacoste Blanc L.12.12

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Tency Mens Breathable Comfortable Mesh Black Outdoor Running Shoes 10 DM US

  • 1.There are three colors available for selection:black,grey and blue
  • 2.Is a fashionable,simple and casual design, which is suitable for many occations and make you feel comfortable.
  • 3.Popular in every season,will be quick and suitable for walking,climbing,hiking running and other sports.
  • 4.Lace up soft ventilated mesh inside,comfortable and durability to wear.
  • 5.Natural rubber outsole,Low-Top Sneaker
Made in China with high quality. You can't imagine how comfortable when you wear it,but to have a personal experience.The material of the sole is rubber sole with breathable,sweat absorbent and foot massage effect. This Running Shoes owns beautiful look and is popular among yong people to wear at any occasions. People can wear it for walking,running,outside camping,playing and so on. It is also a good match with clothes. The black one can be lovers shoes which will make you look cooler than ever

List Price: $ 52.99 Price: $ 27.00


  1. Perfume fantástico , Consigo 100 ml 180

  2. Projeção média e fixação 4 horas na minha pele

  3. Gostei da resenha, boa dica vou comprar um para mim, mais é claro no paraguai. Kit Perfume Lacoste White 100ML+s/Gel+Bolsa 114,00 reais. Aqui no Brasil é um furto os preços. Tenho muito perfumes, nunca comprei nem um aqui no Brasil. Ainda bem que temos a opção de fazer compras no Paraguai. Acho que se encontrar um kit igual a esse aqui no brasil deve ser mais de 400,00 reais. Só o perfume nessas lojas conceituadas na internet aqui no Brasil está 299,00 reais de 100ml.


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