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Review: Justin Bieber “The Key” Perfume

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  1. I'm getting it for my birthday

  2. Today is my birthday and i got parfum and is callde the key so i am so happy for that i hope injoy the massges and thing you very much

  3. So are you a belieber then? Xx

  4. I'm getting this in town this week, and I really wanted an opinion. This really helped so thank you :)

  5. You are verry beautiful!!!! ;)) but have you "someday or girlfriend" from justin bieber…???

  6. Renee Washington

    U have the nicki minaj perfume in the background

  7. BlackAkanishiJinFanG

    Thank you. I really wanted to know what this smelled like.

  8. Thank you :)

  9. Great review! :)

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