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Review: Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt

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  1. Denise Lamy-Grosteffon

    I love it as well but feel the same as you I feel it does not last! But I'm still going to treat myself to a bottle! Mostly cause I do love it soooo much

  2. Loved the way you described this scent! 

  3. I have a sample too. This one lasts all day on me, but I'm not really a big fan.

  4. Jo Malone is one of my favorite lines! I own Red Roses and Orange Blossom. French lime blossom and the nectarine one is also great. Like you said, staying power is a problem but Red Roses last the longest on me. Every time I wear Red Roses I get compliments but my husband swears it smells like nail polish remover 😳

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