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Review: Harajuku Lovers G of the Sea!

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  1. They Sell It on Ebay or like 23 dollars or you can look at ross or marshals!

  2. yes it is.. On qoo10.sg shop name japandrugstore @ 22dollars and they no having 10% off!!!

  3. You can purchase this purfume @ here

    Under the shop name japandrugstore

  4. Shes adorable, I shouldve bought it just for the bottle, I regret it now. Does anyone know if shes still available?

  5. I bought this without smelling it just for that amazing bottle!

  6. It is so cute. She is even a MERMAID!

  7. Oh, Lol Im So Slow….! Thanks :)

  8. You probably have the 10ml…

  9. ok i'm thinking about buying one or two of these harajuku lovers perfumes because my mom will probably only let me buy two. can you tell me which two of all the perfumes are the best?

  10. I found your review and I would love to know about.
    I have 2 of these. The one has a more blue color and the other is kind of lighter blue.
    and they both have different scents. Idk where I can get the one that I like (the lighter blue)
    cuz their packaging and appearance are the same :/

  11. Do they smell same as the original G ? Or another 3 G -Jingle G, G of the sea and the original have different scent?

  12. KellyLovesYa Peace

    Where can you buy it

  13. I have this but it is way smaller! Idk why

  14. thats so wrong when he takes the doll off the bottle

  15. I rlly wish they came in 100ml bottles…

  16. Haha black star boa in the back.

    Have you tried Jingle G?
    That's my favorite. And if you do get Jingle G, does it smell like Meow by Katy Perry??


  17. i love perfume!!!! and i love youuuuu!!!!!! <3

  18. I love this perfume, its wondrful and the bottle is too cute!!!

  19. why do you have a womens perfume?
    your a man?!!!!!!?

  20. I need it!! 😛

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