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Review: Gucci Perfume – Naked2 Palette Urban Decay

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  1. sometimes that is the best scent of all :-)
    I will, thanks

  2. christopherinsc1981

    hmm i dont wear to much perfume I just tend to smell like myself seems to work the best for me now for others who knows lol Hope you enjoy your makeup. :O)

  3. Hahaha!
    hugs xx

  4. Oh bless ya!
    will do a tut seeon so stay tuned hun xx

  5. Hi Lif, so lovely to hear from you hun :-) *hugs lie

    No, perfume fades too it seems…Yes, Angel is lovely scent..Your mum had good taste and so do you, it seems :-) and of course the bottle is so attractive! and the colour too!
    I love purple too..great minds think alike!
    Thank you for popping by, it means a lot hun
    Love to you and Hera xxx

  6. hahaha! that sounds so funny!
    Oh I think I will try that next time!! Thank you so much for that tip!!! just what I needed!!
    Oh ok…I will do my best to do one asap…Thanks for requesting!
    huge hugs back through cyber space! lol!
    God bless you too and your family xx

  7. haahah! I know! I glow!
    Thanks, it was not easy to do..
    Oh thats interesting..Gucci need to sort it out hey!
    Yes, its true
    Indeed, love my eyeshadow! and colour! heheh!
    No probs hun
    You too Manolis and thank you xx

  8. It is not easy to do a review on it either LOL!
    Thank you so much :-)

  9. HELLLLLOOOOOO Suzie .. nice review on nice items I thought only body spray did not last very long. Perfume normaly last for 8 hours. Oh Angel is a long time fav of mine I strated using it in my early 20th´s when it just came out and I have been using it on and off for 17-18 year :) It was my mom that gave me my first Angel perfume bottle she liked the name and the color ( purple was her mom´s fav color) Big hugs Líf

  10. I've never seen perfume reviews before. Great idea. Loved your vlog. Cheers.

  11. Let me get my sun glasses..you're glowing hehe!

    I really love the description of how that perfume smells.

    I had a Gucci perfume for men ( i don't remember the name) and i had notice the same thing.It didn't last long.

    I assume that the skin makes the perfume somehow, and what makes a perfume staying on the body!

    Yayy! More colours in your collection!! YAYY!!

    Thanks for sharing Suzie!

    Have a wonderful night :-)

  12. Ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I want to get naked ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lolololol eyeshadows lol I find some eyeshadows dont stick to my eyelids also.What I do is apply the eyeprimer wait then add again then do eyeshadow or apply eye primer then use face powder on lid then do eyeshadow. Yes do a eyemakeup with your new colours :) huggggggggggsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss God bless :)

  13. HIya..
    Oh ok… I have never used Gucci perfume before but I really like this.
    Maybe I should have given that one a sniff and hopefully it would have better staying power on me :-)
    Next time! Thanks so much hun x

  14. Yes, that is the only way to describe this scent :-)
    I know, I have always found that a weird name
    thanks Paul x

  15. I like the thought of imagining myself in a pine forest with flowers! I'll look out for Gucci Guilty. Urban Decay is a funny name!

  16. Hi Suzie,
    That Flora perfume sounds nice, I had the original Flora ( think it was the edp version) that was really lovely. Quite fresh but also had good staying power.

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