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Review: Elizabeth Arden Perfume Collection

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  1. Hi, do you think the red Door fragrance will go with someone like me who likes to wear lots of dark clothing and pretty calm-ish as an everyday wear (even during the summer).I tend to like deep floral scents-rose, amber, violet and dislike well my body dislikes all fruit smells kid you not. P.S. <3 the name ;)

  2. NIGERIAN BOMBSHELL; Pamela Bombshell

    LOL, thank u. I appreciate it :)

  3. You have a very sexy voice :-) and you are funny .. Hehehe

  4. NIGERIAN BOMBSHELL; Pamela Bombshell

    awww. thank you. :)

  5. lovely collection – nice review :)

  6. NIGERIAN BOMBSHELL; Pamela Bombshell

    Lol! thanks a ton Evans :*

  7. I love the start of this. The "start over" part :)

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