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Review: Clinique Non-Streak Bronzer.

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  1. can u mix it with liquid foundation to make it darker?

  2. If u was straight omg!!!!

  3. Im a women, but you have a cute accent. I like it when you say "cons", and "on" lol.

  4. @Rockkk59 he can apply it with a brush if he damn well wants to, and what he's father thinks about it is NO ones business but he's and he's family.

  5. man i dont mind you being homosexual, but dude, A BRUSH ? u use a brush to apply the stuff. Come on…dont push it too far. Come on have some pride. Imagine if your father would see you do that…

  6. You said 'rub off' so many times.

  7. your mixed race? why would you need to use a bronzer, you the perfect skin colour without that stuff


  9. فثسف

  10. فثسف

  11. @makeuplove21 lol. & yea he's gay

  12. @makeuplove21 read the info bar & you'll get it..

  13. i was actully kidding…i know it is makeup….lol…but more to the point i love you make up and you layering and everything…you always look so hott…..lol…keep up the good work anyway

  14. I have been using this for 20 years! It is the best and I mix it with a moisturizer for a subtle look…excellent review

  15. And could you also put it on the skin of your eyes? Sorry, I'm a complete noob :P.

  16. It's $28 here in Geneva :/.

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