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Review: CHANEL NO 19 (EDT, EDP & Poudre Compared!)

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  1. my name is Chanel

  2. just found this review, wonderful! perhaps my all time favourite perfume! I gave a sample bottle to my Mum many years ago because I didnt like it, then as soon as I smelled it on her wished I hadnt given it away. Chanel has reformulated it though due to EU regulations and I find the reformulated scent somewhat of a letdown compared to the original. Would love more Chanel fragrance reviews. Aerin Iris Meadow is about as close as I can find to ghe satisfaction received from vintage no19, even though it does seem greener and not as powdery in the dry down.


  4. Chanel "Jersey"… 😃

  5. marguerite brainerd

    Thanks for the mention of your make-up.I just bought the NARS Orgazm blush. It is fabulous!
    Also, I just received my bottle of Chanel No.19 from Chanel and I must ay it is so much better than I expected!
    I keep wanting to smell my wrist.

  6. great review of a gorgeous scent! I have n19 in edp edt and trying to finish the poudre as quickly as i can because i also dont particularly like this new edition. However both edt and edp are awesome! I agree with all u said! I too wish the eau de toilette was waaay stronger!

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