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review CHANEL N19 parfum

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  1. Very moving

  2. One of the best You Tube fragrance reviewers, if not THE best. Please continue! My bottle of No. 5 Eau Premiere arrived this week and I'm already planning to buy No. 19 – just the current EDP version. Which is still gorgeous. Thank you for the very in depth review Dacob.

  3. Can't wait to smell N19. Your description is as always – magical 😘😘😘

  4. 4K subscribers ! Congratulations! 🎉

  5. Hi Dacob!! I must say, what a captivating and indeed emotional review of No. 19. You have explained it so beautifully. I can see the emotions you feel, and I'm so happy to see someone else feels the same way I do about our dear Mademoiselle. I can't thank you enough for this review. I'll go to the city today and will definetely try out the scent. I did once smell it, but I can't remember what it is like. It's so dangerous watching your reviews about Chanel fragrances, because everytime I want it! So bad for my budget :). Today I'll be wearing the entire line (bath and body) from No.5.
    Have you considered doing reviews about those bath and body care lines from each Chanel scent? I would love to hear your opinions on those products, scent-wise! Have a great day!x

  6. Livvi de la cuisine

    I like your video and all of your collections :)

  7. How did I miss this? Oh well better late than never. Love the idea of Chanel's last poem to us. Of course this is on my must buy list. I adore it. And what a history…. what magic.

  8. She must have known it was time to share this secret fragrance with the world.So happy she made that decision:)I have this in edt&edp,both are lovely.

  9. Dacob, I´m so glad you made this review and even more to see that Chanel 19 arises such a realm of emotions! Thank you. Sometime ago I made a review and uploaded it at https://youtu.be/onlYTpMCj9c Unfortunately it´s in Brazilian Portuguese, since I was torn between my language and English… Well, anyway there it rests. I wished you somehow could see my emotions as I can see your emotions. Something that could only be rendered by Coco Chanel herself. If I can, I will make a second one in English. I don´t have the parfum version but a very old one, splash, I think it comes from the 70´s. But if you are in the mood, drop by channel , you´re more than welcome. Thank you again.

  10. Poppet Hogwart Toadflax

    Dakob, I am chasing a vintage parfum, would you consider explaining the features of your vintage boxes and bottles. Fakes have been around for a long time and it's so confusing to work out which vintage ones are fakes or not. I've read that the real bottles have VR or BR etched in them, someone else says completely the opposite and says they have HP on them. Could I be a pain and ask if your bottles have anything like this etched on them?

  11. Poppet Hogwart Toadflax

    yes my favourite too! vintage only and parfum!!! I had only ever used more ordinary perfumes until I smelt this one. I can never go back to the ordinary after finding this baby.

  12. you're amazing dacob!

  13. Which camera and lens are you using?

  14. toiletteavecparfum

    I have no words to say how wonderful this review was, I really have no words. How beautiful and sad is when we think N° 19 was the perfume of Gabrielle Chanel's life, and also her farewell. How much it tells about her life, and how it represents her more than any other. Since it's so irisy and leathery and green, it makes me think when she was a lady boy and liked to ride horses at Etienne Balsan's country house, with the smell of the forests. Also, Boy Capel died in 1919, so here we have the numbers again; and for that and many reasons, it is so melancholic. That said, now I absolutely have to smell N° 19 in the pure perfume version.

  15. Great video. I might give this one a try. Check out my first fragrance review if you have time https://youtu.be/uFe-NKjkaWU
    Have an amazing day, Dave.

  16. Always love your reviews ,and listening to your interpretation of what these beautiful fragrances say to you.
    Thank you so much
    Have a glorious week

  17. That's why i love your channel – you go far beyond of "just" reviewing something. You share your insights, thoughts, passion and philosophy alongside with it. Thanks for that!!

  18. My favorite perfume of all time and my signature scent. No willy nilly whimsical stuff for me, I want my smell to tell who's boss. I am a big believer of the New York culture of being mean before anyone gets the chance to be mean to you. Haha! And this fragrance is very THAT. This interpretation of greenery and Iris literally doesn't give anyone a chance to even breathe. The devil may wear Prada … But surely smells like no.19.

  19. Dacob that was so captivating,wonderful review,Xoxo.

  20. very powerful review, loved it xx

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