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[Paris fragrance] CHANCE EAU FRAICHE EAU DE TOILETTE SPRAY FOR WOMEN 1.7 Oz / 50 ml new In Box & Sealed

Price: $ 100.48

Chance Eau Fraiche EDT 3.4oz (100ml)

  • Chance Eau Fraiche EDT 3.4oz (100ml)
Chance Eau Fraiche EDT 3.4oz (100ml)

Price: $ 121.39


  1. Awesome to hear someone pronounce the name correctly haha! You did the best review! Which chance is your favorite? People say the tendre is the most soft and feminine one, but my nose finds this one most girly out of all the chance line. And the tendre smells like Daisy.

  2. Eau Vive is also my favorite!!

  3. bought this scent today. You describe the scent perfect. It smells like you just got out of a spa!

  4. Thank you for explaining in detail compare to some people's review. Thank goodness that someone like you knows about fashion, because all my friends does not understand and I am a huge fan of Chanel, Gucci and Anna Sui as well as am glad I subscribe to this channel plus when I went to Debenhams to try the Chanel chance the original I fell in love and I would recommend to those Chanel fans since it has a twist to coco Chanel and Chanel allure with femmine touch, but i do not like the fraiche as you said it is more mascline scent. Thank you again!

  5. Hi Dacob, have u tried the Fresh Couture by Moschino?

  6. Again another lovely review Dacob but l was scared that Chucky might pop up,Xoxo.

  7. HaveLouisWillTravel

    I love your description of the comfort and ease that Chanel fragrances bring. I can definitely feel that confidence when I wear Chanel, though I've never quite been able to articulate that. Great review. :)

  8. Are you going to be buying the Moschino Barbie doll? I think she looks fabulous!

  9. I smelled this one At Macy's the other day I really like it for me , smells awesome on my skin

  10. i totally get it…everyone needs those "easy reach/no brainer" type scents. just wear and go. i have those myself.

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