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Recent Purchases & Mini Reviews (ft. Ulta, Chanel, Michael Kors)

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  1. TheMakeupArchitect

    FYI love the curling wand. Next time I use it in s video I'll let you know. ALSO you can buy gloves to protect your hands from the wands. 

  2. Wow! You got some amazing things. I love the Benefit Roller Lash mascara – hope you do too! Xx

  3. Kayla Brooking (KayAmity)

    Tarte Maracuja Oil was on sale for the 21 Days of Beauty, they aren't repackaging it (though there is a cute holiday edition). Random info that no one knows about Ulta brand products…they are made by Chanel.

  4. You got some awesome things! I live for Ulta's 21 days of beauty! Hahah, that's when I get a lot of high end things I normally wouldn't & hey have amazing steals, I've loved all the products I've got! & they're gifts with purchase is pretty bomb as well. I love tartes maracuja oil, they actually had it in their last 21 days of beauty for $25 as well! Hope it keeps going on sale for awhile. & I've never tried the benefit blushes but they seem awesome, might have to check Dallas out! & that makeup bag was so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  5. the name of the essence lip gloss is on the barcode sticker on the top :)

  6. Awesome haul meg! I really do love the Chanel blush! I may have to treat myself! Xx

  7. Thanks for sharing Megan. Chanel jersey is gorgeous i need to buy it. So happy you are back xoxo Kamila

  8. You know you love Megan's videos when you watch it even though it's almost 1 in the morning and you're tired from just getting home from work! Love the long video! Thanks for sharing :)

  9. I loved this video! The Chanel Jersey blush and the New Moon cream shadow are freaking gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, Megan! :)

  10. That Chanel Jersey blush looks so pretty, adding it to my wish list. Great haul!

  11. I hope you contacted Kristin to let her know you bought her set. I'm sure she would be happy about that!

  12. The cheek pop would look so pretty layered over bronzer.

  13. I totally agree with you. Ultas reward program is way better than Sephora hands down. I love it. Haha

  14. I love Dallas!

  15. Yassss Ulta Platinum you'll get more coupons woo!! Hopefully we'll be getting another 20% off the whole store soon! I was so tempted by the Kristin set (I bought her first set which was just a blush and lip lava) but I know I would never use the olive green in the palette so I couldn't bring myself to splurge on it – but now you're making me think I need it haha. I agree that I don't care for the applicator on the lip lava either! Omg I need that Chanel blush!! I just bought the Xmas set of lipsticks from Too Faced and Nude Beach is one of them – it's GORG and I can't wait to use it! I just got Fireball from NYX! Those shadows are gorgeous, I have 4 of them now!! I still want Dallas too! I have two Clinique cheek pops and I adore them! I want them all!

  16. You…New Moon is gorgeous but LE! Me..pause video..go straight to Nordstrom, search, Bam they had it still..with the perm shades! Victory..immediately bought it..so excited I forgot to go thru ebates before checkout. Haha Resume watching! You really got some great deals and Angela got me hooked on Dallas. It'd be great for your work makeup bag because it makes an awesome blush/bronzer. I'm glad your having fun makeup. I think it's all about enjoying our things and I'm tired of feeling guilty for what I have…we are on this earth far too short of a time to not draw joy out of everything we possibly can which for us means spending far too much money and time on makeup! Haha I say live it up! I absolutely love that bag.. I need to look into MK because I really need a new bag too. BTW you are positively radiant today..it is so uplifting to hear you talk about makeup/beauty. 😇😇

  17. love health and makeup

    OMG you for BENEFIT Dallas!!!! I love it so much I can't stand it. Rub it all over your cheeks and you're even more beautiful ;).

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