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Recent Fragrance Purchases~Vintage, Niche! (Sept. ’14)

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  1. Poppet Hogwart Toadflax

    would love suggestions for buying genuine vintage perfumes, so many fakes on ebay

  2. isn't ebay an absolute treasure trove for vintage fragrances! i'd be interested to hear your thoughts on "like this" by etat libre d'orange (isn't tilda swinton absolutely amazing-have you seen her reading of the poem here on youtube? hauntingly beautiful), as a brand they fascinate me. their whole "porno chic" aesthetic makes it a little easy to dismiss them. my personal fav is fat electrician, silly name, but an amazing fragrance x 

  3. Look for a perfume house called Arabian Oud.

  4. Fun fun fun!  So many new scents to sniff out and get to know!  I love it!

  5. Looking forward to hearing your take on the Tauer's you picked up… Subbed… ^_^

  6. Love this! I'm also a perfume junkie. Have you tried Jo Malone perfumes? I love them!

  7. I have heard Tauer's PHI Un Rose de Kandahar is supposed to be quite awesome. I need to try it as well!! :) Sorry for the multiple comments!!

  8. Andy is Swiss! :) I love LDDM!! :)

  9. I love that Caron Pour Un Homme and own a full bottle of it!!

  10. I have Like This by ELDO a full bottle. It's Tilda Swinton oh you are just saying her name! LOL!. Their perfume shop in Paris is awesome. If you ever go to Paris please do go to the store. It's an excellent 2 hours spent.

  11. Elle Is For Living

    You have to educate me…I thought fragrances went bad so how can you buy vintage fragrances?  Also, how do you know if you are getting the genuine article on ebay?  I am very curious about your answers to both! ♥ Elle

  12. My Mom had Diorella in the 90s. By the way, your hair look so good!

  13. I know very little about fragrances, but learning quite a bit from you and Natal.  Glad you were able to get the vintage you wanted.  xo

  14. LuLu Kellogg Atelier

    I have not had much success with vintage fragrances because the smell of the ones I have gotten seems to be so faded and have more of an alcohol smell. So glad yours was lovely! Thank you for the recommendations on the sets you featured! 

  15. Vintage Diorella! I'd love a review of that one. I'm a sucker for a good vintage. The Tauer and Ineke scents sound really fun.

  16. Oh man I needed to get a cuppa tea to watch this, so exciting!! I can't wait for the comparison video. Wow, congrats on your gorgeous yummy new goodies, getting an amazing high vicariously through you lol! That Tauer set…. how cool…. shipping seems to be free to Aus omg!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for this video, I'm gonna check out the Ineke too…. THUMBS WAY UP FOR FRAGRANCE VIDEOS!!

  17. What are you looking for in your rose? Les Parfums de Rosine have a huge selection and a nice sample set: http://www.les-parfums-de-rosine.com/modules/scenes/detail-produit/index.php?id_prod=67

    I find them to be a little too light, but they are all nicely done.

    Rose is my favorite note, and my favorite rose by far is Annick Goutal Rose Absolue, but it's a straight-up soliflore, so if you want more than just rose, it might be a little boring to you. But my goodness, it is just the prettiest, purest, most tender rose fragrance in the world.

    Ann Gerard has a drop dead gorgeous sample set, but it's rather spendy It does have 5 ml bottles, so it's worth it, but it's almost a hundred dollars.  I'm thinking you might like her mossy one. You might wait and see if she does a new one with Rose Cut in it, though. ( I didn't like it at all, but  I have a hard time picking out rose in fragrances with a lot of other notes)

    Yosh Han is an indie, and she has a sample set at Luckyscent. 

    I love vintage, and am okd enough to remember perfume before people's tastes changed to all this light and clean stuff, and before IFRA ruined everything! I think that's why I don't care for most of the new stuff. 

    I always leave you a novel, but let me just add that if you like por Homme, you need to try Yatagan! (It is nothing like it, but it is fabulous. And notorious. I only get warm pine needles, but other people get far naughtier bits. And it's cheap!)

  18. I owned Diorella in the 80s and I loved it! A French friend brought me a bottle. So excited you found a bottle!

  19. I'm intrigued by the Tauer set!

  20. I almost fell over. I bought a vintage Diorella on ebay as well. I wore it in the late 70s and early 80s. For years and years.  I know mine is the real deal but it is not great. It has turned, as they say. After maybe 20 minutes I can slightly get a whiff of Diorella as I know it.  Does your ebay seller have any more, do you know. My seller had excellent ratings for vintage perfume. Hard to know how it was kept before it got to him, though. It was completely sealed in the cello. But At least I have the bottle I can gaze at. I wore this on my wedding day!

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