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Real vs. Fake Paco Rabanne One Million – Mens Fragrance Comparison

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  1. I brought one for my son on Amazon & noticed the one I've got is definitely a fake as the fake one says its made in P.R.C but the real one says France. Have you noticed this?

  2. just bought me a bottle, smells good

  3. just bought me a bottle, smells good

  4. i have the original 1 milion

  5. lmao just go to macys if u dnt want the fake

  6. i have 1 million Cologne ..its mean fake or not ?

  7. Do they smell the same

  8. Well, luckily I don't have to worry about whether my fragrances are fake or real because I always buy them at the parfumery.

  9. someone gifted me a fake one. have trouble with the sprayer, had to ripp it apart

  10. do they smell the same?

  11. that bactch number has a manufaturing date july 17 2008 the 93231 date is of november 2009

  12. Stupid idiots….just google the number on the box and it will tells you if it's fake or not.

  13. Good job I got the real one

  14. They both smell like shit

  15. hey guys please help me! I want to choose a good perfume for myself but I don't really want to go to a store and test all of them and then end up buying an overpriced one. Instead of that I want to test them at home without being pushed like some people who work in stores do – they almost force you to buy something from them. I remember long time ago my mother brought some catalogue with the name of the perfumes and a paper next to the names of the perfumes was impregnated with perfume so you could rub it and smell it. Any ideas what kind of catalogue could it be? I tried to google it but all I find is perfume sample bottles and stuff like that, but not a catalogue….So i'm looking for something like perfume sample papers with the name of the perfumes…Any Ideas guys? please help!!!!

  16. Kimberly Richards

    But do they smell the same? 

  17. Cant belive that this video has so much views. Then again its 1 million. -__-

  18. can you tell me perfume from FM GROUP thats real or fake

  19. Why would they put dollar on the top? That's a dead giveaway right there.

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