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Real vs. Fake Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

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  1. Anthony Gonzales

    jackasses! one on the left is fake, I sell the shit from UK. People take the fakes to department stores and get in store credit for having no receipt and you buy them after they restock it, or should I say stock.

  2. dude ur right the left is FAKE!!!! I just bought mine in the mall and the one is in the Right is Legit thats the one i have… Sorry man thats why i dont buy perfume in ebay… Amazon if its shipped and fulfilled by Amazon yes… third party NO!!! thats my advice.

  3. So much missing information in this video. Now he has everyone confused because he forgot to do some research and realize the original juice came in the bottle in the left, the right one is also most likely legit too, but they changed a couple things. Neither are a fake.

  4. Doubt ero. Especially not one hour.

  5. I believe that other reasons why a perfume can have shorter life span after you spray it onto your skin can be caused by older batch/stock. Newly made perfume tend to last longer. Older batch/stock will not.

  6. Do more research your friends version was introduced in 1994 and you "fake" one was introduced in 2007 and it's real I used to own a bottle

  7. Good lookin out bro!

  8. It's in your head idiot. Check the batch number. I bet that the left one is an older bottle. Do some research and educate yourself. And those commenting about the CVS bottles. You are also wrong.. CVS only accepts non-decoded bottles and only sell the real deal.

  9. They are both genuine – they changed the cap a few years ago

  10. It's not fake. That's an older bottle. Do a little research before posting videos like this.

  11. You are retarded. The left one is real, it's an older bottle.

  12. The thing that tipped me off right away was the cap on the fake.

  13. This video is a lie I have the one he has on the left. I bought it from Dillard's a department store. The only reason it is different is because the bottle is the first design made back in 2007. 

  14. that fake shit is at Drugstores

  15. I buy mine at Macy's 

  16. Omg I bought this as a gift for my bf and right when i saw this I looked at the box and it doesn't look the same. Thank god.

  17. Валерія Чорна

    thank you for this video! like you!!!!!

  18. Where is the original made at u did not said that I have one made in uk is that fake where is the original cologne come from

  19. I want to thank You Tube for helping me to distinguish perfumes between original and fake. I wanted to buy a Dolce and Gabbana perfurme from Gumtree and while examining the product, I noticed that the fragrance was fake (Cap was light blue). Thanks!!

  20. So i bought one from walmart and it is made in uk, ive been doin some research and only found two countries where they'd make it; italy and germany, so is made in UK fake?

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