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Rave Review: YSL Parisienne Perfume

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  1. I wore that perfume on my wedding day. Love it. 

  2. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. 53 dollars???????????????????????????? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! 

  4. i got mine in a department store and it was like that so i doubt its fake :/ maybe old?

  5. She makes an appearance in pretty much every single video :)

  6. Your kitty is so cute !!! Please introduce and include her in more of the videos ! And I've been hooked onto Parisienne it's so beautiful :)

  7. Mine is a slight pinky purple tint.

  8. is the liquid in it like a slight tint of pink or purple? because i got mine the other day and opened it to see it was a normal yellow colour but on the tester stand it was like a tinted light pink colour.

  9. I got my 3 oz bottle for $22 :p i also got the belle d'opium for $30! I have never owned ysl fragrances before but I am in love with these and planning to buy when I run out.

  10. @BlackLabLover9 Its very lady like and lovely Jen :) You would feel like a fancy lady wearing it :)

  11. Gah!! I must smell this asap!!! ekk..sounds fab melanie!

  12. @brittanysoule I love the JS fancy love!!! I don't own it yet but have sniffed it out several times at Kohls :)

  13. @Proudgigi You will love the dark kiss with it… its a perfect combo!!!!!!!

  14. @Rosenliebe Its so pretty!!!!

  15. Melanie, you got a great deal! I bought this. I bought it about a year ago and got the lotion and shower jel. Now I have to try the dark kiss with it! Thanks for the tip.


  16. @MrKongsMom yea but she is out of my life so i went to amazon and bought me another one! We will smell like old women together lol. I really like fancy love by jessica simpson, if you dont have it you should try it!

  17. … so now I'm going to think about you every time I smell this perfume, Melanie ;D YEAH for great deals! xoxo Kerstin

  18. @MrKongsMom I agree! I love the powdery smell! Its so invigorating!

  19. @beautybijouxfashion Ugh. Annoying :) I would stop going to that class if I were you… but more and more places are banning perfume. Sucks :(

  20. @LetitiaLaura Its beautiful!

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