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Ralph Lauren Polo Red fragrance/cologne review

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  1. i like to just stink, it drives the women crazy, i either stink, or smell like a combo of beer, cigarettes, and stink!!!

  2. nice smell!

  3. can u do a vid comparing the polo blue sport cologne vs a fake one?

  4. Polo Double Black is the best, I repeat, BEST Ralph Lauren fragrance on the market, followed by the original Polo Black.

  5. can someone help please – I have been informed by various sources that you only need a few sprays of a good cologne to keep you going all day ..but my problem is – if I use just 3,4 sprays its vanished in no time !!! what should I do for people around me to keep getting a whiff of it throughout the day ? Also I sweat a lot on the armpits giving off odour – how should i tackle this ? I usually have to use 10 to 12 sprays on armpits alone !!!  Any ideas ????  Im currently using Polo Blue

  6. Boring fragrance. Smells like a dozen other things
    NEVER but your fragrance in a department store, Never,

  7. Bruh dis shit ain't worth a fuk bruh. Good review

  8. Awsome 

  9. Its really a shame.  I had the sample of this and me and my especially LOVED the smell…but everything else about it is so poor that its just not worth it…doesn't project or last

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