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Prada Infusion D’homme Review! Another soapy scent?

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Prada Infusion D'Iris by Prada for Women 25.5 oz Eau de Parfum Flacon + 1.0 oz Empty Bottle for Recharge + Prada Funnel

Launched by the design house of Prada in 2007, PRADA INFUSION DIRIS by Prada is classified as a fragrance. This feminine scent posesses a blend of: Mandarin Orange, Frankincense, Lentisk, Orange Blossom, Cedar, Iris, Vetiver, Benzoin, Galbanum It is recommended for wear.

List Price: $ 360.00 Price: $ 324.80


  1. @Cornflake81 yeah i can totally see that. :) that's a big plus for this fragrance, because you can wear something that just smells clean. that's a great thing to have in your fragrance arsenal. :)

  2. @Kerosenetrewthe 😀 thanks, Kerosene!! that means a lot!

  3. @vessc thanks!

  4. @wagsbass yes! we totally need to! love her channel! thanks for the suggestion. we'll add it to our list of video ideas. :)

  5. @kirill19902 YES! 😀 we're trying to start a new word. 😉

  6. @silverpunk2427 yeah i can see that. i thought this smelled better on paper as well, though i still like it alright. :)

  7. For me this is 1 of those fragrances that smells really good on paper but horrible on my skin. Another great review guys

  8. Kirill Arzhanikov


  9. @vmendonc hahaha!! yeah. i can definitely see the hate with this one. though we don't mind it. :)

  10. Hahahaha,,, I REALLY don;t like Prada scents! LOL!!
    Thanks guys!!!

  11. Love this one. Not so much Amber and Amber Intense. So many good times to wear this guy.

  12. hey Fbros how about giving a shout out to Victoria (EauMG)

  13. Great review guys.

  14. @FragranceBros oh yeah? Cool i need to try it than for sure.

  15. It's my work scent. I battled with amber and infusion in which one to get. The gf likes amber better, so do….in scent. Purpose, amber is sits in the air too much for my work scent. I like the airiness of infusion that allows me to wear it in a hospital setting and get away with it. People often don't think I'm even wearing anything, just that I'm clean smelling. Amber, they could tell i was wearing a fragrance.

  16. @razscott yeah they really should. Amber Intense is a good start. but i'd love to see them add a wildcard in their line. :)

  17. @BetawiBlood thank you, sir! they make one in exactly your size!! lol

  18. @Guinea54 smelled it a couple of times on paper. i (daver) really like it. the myrrh really comes through. and the fragrance is drastically different than Amber. we still have yet to test it though.

  19. @wagsbass hahaha!! for real! sometimes i think he just sprays one spray! his longevity with fragrances is horrible!

  20. @ironman2000b haha! thanks! apparently we're not allowed to tell people that. so we took all the notes down. but we still appreciate it. 😉

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