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PRADA ~ Candy ~ Perfume REVIEW

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Prada Infusion D'Iris by Prada for Women 25.5 oz Eau de Parfum Flacon + 1.0 oz Empty Bottle for Recharge + Prada Funnel

Launched by the design house of Prada in 2007, PRADA INFUSION DIRIS by Prada is classified as a fragrance. This feminine scent posesses a blend of: Mandarin Orange, Frankincense, Lentisk, Orange Blossom, Cedar, Iris, Vetiver, Benzoin, Galbanum It is recommended for wear.

List Price: $ 360.00 Price: $ 324.80


  1. blind bought this and on first sniff i was unsure-i expected a different smell-but i do really like it now-4 me it smells like sexy playdoe or battenburg cake i know thats weird way to describe it but i can even say its a sent like vanilla ice cream …must be the caramel, but dont let my descrption put u off as its amazing love it it grows on ya-and yes i detected a baby powder on dry down-lush…….mmmmm

  2. Your hair looks banning ;'<3

  3. Jessica Bergersen

    Just got this :)! Love it

  4. your sister was probably jealous because the perfume was for you and not her. prada candy smells beautiful!

  5. Oh no.. I do wear others. Gucci , Chanel #19 i believe , but havent bought that in awhile.. I like a few others, that i dont own though. I also like a burberry perfume that was i think Ltd edition called summer. Not sure if it comes out every summer, but if so, I will grab it this year. I also like shallimar … mostly musky scents or very exotic.

  6. beautiful …..sexy ….you have gorgeous eyes…You want to see your body !

  7. xo Big kisses my gorgeous friend ! xo

  8. well its true, and like i always say, you gotta give credit where credit is due:)

  9. Donna… You truely make my day every time i hear from you… ! Thank you so much sweetheart . Love you. xo

  10. movie star. you look like a freakin" movie star. my god you're amazing looking.

  11. Ok, thanks for your reply love :)
    I'm getting that perfume right now! hahahahah 😀

  12. Hi Samsisha ! The Prada Candy is by no means heavy. It is a lighter , but lasting ( about 4 hours ) scent. Most men LOVE candy smells, and this one smalls of caramel. defenitely a yes for date night! xoxox

  13. Hi! 😀

    Would you say that this perfume is good for a romantic night with a bf, on a date, etc? Is it like sweet and sensual n stuff , or just HEAVY? is it over the top i mean…. ?
    Love samsisha

  14. @LongHairandRedLips awww.. you are just the sweetest! You need to come over for coffee.. just send for the private jet… lol.. love you girly!! muah!! xox

  15. @georgemccormick hmmm.. no.. not every single day.. but I HAVE to do my brows because they just arent realy there anymore without pencil..
    lol!! Hows your week going Barbara!? xox

  16. Do you wear makeup everyday, even if your not going out? Barbara

  17. @ShAwNiEsPReTTyNiNk Thanks babe ! Hugs right back at ya .. (((hugs))) .. i think you might like this one shawnie .. ohhhh Kevinnnnnn…lol xox

  18. @navygirlist sniff sniff..lol.. let me know what you think Tosh! xox

  19. @Catalina031 thank you my sweet friend … Youre so sweet. Maybe we do have trhe same sister… lol

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