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PRADA Candy Fragrance Commercial

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  1. Love!!!!!

  2. This commercial must be so weird for everyone who has no clue what french apache dancers are XD.

  3. What happened to the 2 cute french guys…

  4. I use prada candy this year too.
    This is soooo deliciously scent<333

  5. jerica bardales espinoza

    Everybody thinks she's a very sweet girl but guess what? She's a beast on the inside and always makes a statement. That's what the perfume is about. I LOVE Prada Candy!!

  6. such a bad commercial

  7. Эта реклама ни разу не олицетворяет данный аромат,полный бред (
    Аромат наоборот спокойный,уютный,даже домашний какой-то … А это что ? Такая реклама страсти больше подошла бы,например к Givenchy Ange ou demon le secret

  8. Keira Knightly

  9. Love this perfume.

  10. My fave farfum ever 😍

  11. Kikumaru of Hanafusa Okiya

    Whats with her teeth?

  12. French accent, then suddenly 'Prada Candy' is in an American accent.

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  14. too bad.

  15. I never get these ads…

  16. wtf is this?

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