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Prada Amber Pour Homme INTENSE Review Fragrance/Cologne

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  1. just picked up the last bottle of this at my local Macys. Killer fall/winter night scent. My new fall favorite. Not very versatile but excellent for it's intended use. 10/10

  2. Hey man can you do a review of Prada Luna Rossa? Its a new frag for 2012.

  3. Great job, Al… Please do more reviews! Your nose is well trusted my friend!!

  4. nice review, my friend. I just bought this parfum as a xmas gift for my brother and your great review confirms that I made a good choice. Thumbs up.

  5. Nice and Informative review Al. I like this fragrance but I feel the original Is the better of the two. I love the clean just got out of the shower smell Of original. I also think It can be worn year around. To my nose the original has better projection and longevity as well.

    Thanks for the review.

  6. do you get kind of a grandma foundation after the first hour or two?

  7. l'homme similarity??

  8. Al, if you could buy only one between Prada Intense and Dior Intense (reformulated version), what would you buy? Thanks a lot

  9. Is this cologne good for someone who is in college?

  10. amber pour homme intense vs. la nuit?? just scent wise which do you prefer?

  11. YourFragranceGuru

    @jnthnnixon It's not a limited edition item. It is a brand new fragrance that is here to stay. Also, Prada must have made a mistake on their website. This is an EDP, it IS NOT an EDT! Trust me, I work at Lord & Taylor on 5th ave in NYC and I work with this product all day, everyday. Check out my video reviews now!

  12. Picked this up today. Smells GREAT!!

  13. @FRAGRANCEFANATIC1 Hmm, interesting that they'd list it differently on their website. Makes sense that it would be if they're going to call it intense.


    @slurpees387 I'm positive I own the bottle it says EDP Eau De Parfum

  15. Are you sure this is an EDP? This is listed as an EDT on their website.

  16. Damn, I didn't even know they had this. I am not that crazy about the original, so Might actually like this one a lot better from your description. Another one I gotta put on my try list .. Thanks for the review!

  17. i have this coming in the mail 2moro…=]….thanks for the video


    @wagsbass Thank You my friend


    @sandiegoscent I might prefer the Original over this

  20. MrDare2bdifferent

    Good review. I like the intense version. It is nice, but I still like Prada Amber better. We are old friends. :)

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