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Prada Amber Pour Homme Cologne/Fragrance Review

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  1. Come on, Dolce & Gabana is the gay man's company, the diff is that Prada doesn't seem to be bothered by the association

  2. I would so wear this for a date! When I wear this, it makes me feel comfortable and confident. It is the only cologne that I can say makes me feel good — it's like a hug from mum or someone you love.

    Weird? Maybe but that's the emotional response I get.

  3. How about you try making a 8 minute video without "umm", "err", "like" or any other kind of hesitation or fillers.

  4. I did not think my father and brother would like this because of the gay tone. They got into my Prada and had to go and get them some.
    This is High Dollar and you did a good job trying to explain, I use my Prada for formal gatherings. Peace and Love

  5. If dis Negro says Umm! One more time… He's GAY!!!! LOL

  6. I like watching robes videos for the facts and watching brandons after for a down to earth real opinion on the smeell and everything about the cologne

  7. what's the name of the song at the beginning….the actual song name?

  8. i8s it ok to wear it with 18 years? :)

  9. Nice fragrance but a little too feminine. To me, it smells like Caladryl which is a type of anti itch lotion. great Longevity. I put it on one afternoon, next morning I took a shower and I could still smell it a little

  10. what I love of this parfum is that BORDER BETWEEN MAN AND WOMEN ARE OVER … Why men can not have flowers parfum ? It is like an amazing dress … lov it

  11. I got it … it is wonderfulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll PRADA Milano is always the best. Elegant, sexy, amazing …. LUVVVV IT

  12. dominic de la torre

    To me it smells like a barber shop and it does not last at all

  13. @CutlassSupremeSL hey i just wondered why you disagree with wearing this at night?im planning on buying this fragrance and wearing it in the night, it would be great if you could get back at me thanks.

  14. I wasn't crazy about this, but I got nothing but compliments from ladies the night I wore it……

  15. why would you not wear this at a club?

  16. @yumyumluckycharms Thats actually pretty good.

  17. Prada Amber I've tried a sample and yess you get soap expensive maybe flower soap like rose or violets I don't know I could see this being very feminine in my oppoonion being elegant im in high school so I don't see myself wearing this

  18. Stefano Maestrini

    Il regalo del mio Amore

  19. Prada is not a gay mans company, not being rude but your info is wrong for one a woman owns the company her name is Miuccia Prada. Before that her mother owned the company her name is Luisa Prada. Please clarify why you call it a gay mans company.

  20. It Is expensive but It smells expensive,classy stuff. Thanks for the review.

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