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Polo Red Intense by Ralph Lauren | Fragrance Review

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  1. when I saw polo red and intense at Macy's, I smelled red and the stronger notes didn't impress me but I gave intense a shot and loved it. I'm a big fan of fruity and spicy smells. Other stronger scents sometimes give me headaches.

  2. Does it smell similar to eros at all Cody?

  3. Black people and kool aid. Lmao!

  4. please review Burberry Brit Rhythm intense!!!

  5. All of polo scents really don't last. Even this one don't really last, maybe a few hours longer than the original . Polo is always gonna have there prices pretty high.

  6. great super great review it Is stronger . I smell fruity pebbles or fruit loops

  7. V. Torch Napeñas (Torch)

    LOL…."Kool Aid."

  8. Great job Cody. Keep up the great work. I think your videos are really done well.

  9. venkatraman raguraman

    It is not a bad smell I thought. But I felt it is unnecessary. There are so many better fragrances for a night-out.

  10. anyone from the UK will know this smells exactly like a red chewit in the opening

  11. Very young fragrance… The original is my nephew in Middle School's signature sent… The original is very young as this is as well… Not a bad fragrance but yeah very young…

  12. I love this one a lot

  13. for me, the perfect fragance, sexy, elegant, sweet but manly

  14. Polo Red Intense > Polo Red (the same scent but more performance IMO).

  15. I haven't tried any polo fragrances in quite some time.. I liked polo black a lot even though it was a generic poor performing fragrance, the smell always got me compliments.

  16. Fruit punch or cherry flavor?

  17. This is on my list to get as well

  18. super sweet spicy. I get bore. sorry. its close close to boss red. i buy boss red n not this one. again……sorry…. i try it on my skin…the positive is view is 8 hours on my skin

  19. smells like fruit loops, but maybe thats just me. I kinda like it!

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