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Playboy Hollywood by Coty Fragrance/Cologne Review (2008)

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  1. This was a great review!

  2. which one is the best one?

  3. This is a nice one, but gives me a massive headache. Find that with most coty products

  4. dude colognes have more alcohol than perfumes.. this is a cologne! its worth every peny you pay for it!

  5. got this one and VIP, I like VIP a lot more, but still love this one too!

  6. haha playboy hollywood smells good ;)! i have the deo.

  7. you forgot new york

  8. i bought this today. its actually not too bad at all

  9. Chandler Frutiger

    i like how you don't just do the niche side of cologne but the cheaper, more "fun" colognes to review.

  10. Hey I want a cologne that smells good that's for men I'm 20 and that well last all day and that well smell for miles because I was outside and some guy next door came out his cologne smelled all the way to me I need a cologne like that Do you know any good for me ?

  11. Hey Marc what's the song playing in the video? I gathered its a remix of MJ's she's going Hollywood.. could you tell me which one

  12. Your right about this one Marc, it is alright for the price you pay, I was suprised when i bought it , as I own over 90 and expected it to be pretty bad for my money, but you know what; it aint bad – pleasantly surprised :)

  13. Thanks dude, I'll check it out.

  14. i personally would recommend Lancome Hypnose Homme !

  15. If anyone likes playboy vegas, and you want a body wash or deo to go with it. Then use Axe's excite.

  16. robes08 how can i contact you? I have a frangrance you probably dont have :)

  17. lalique white is getting some love on the facebook groups, only available online tho

  18. achmeds72virgins

    love this review! love the timeline idea – its smart for people that only want to know a certain thing. also love how ur reviewing a frag like this despite its cheapness! great job, marc – you improve every week mate

  19. Like others have said already, loving the ever evolving presentations to your video. Just a quick question to you: how do you feel about making a short guide video on how to pick a signature scent? It'll be so helpful coming from someone who knows what he's talking about (and that from someone who's NOT trying to sell me their stuff).

  20. Hey dude, I'm not an expert with the fragrances as you, but I'm looking for a men fragrance which has to be so strong, powerful, in other words, a great masculine fragrance which beats other fragrances with its strong and great scent, sillage and stuff like that. What would you recommend me? Thanks

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