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Playboy Fragrances London

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  1. this nerd forgot to say "and i jizzed in my pants" at the end of the video

  2. @masquetuimpresora Kasia Szwan

  3. who is the model?

  4. Poor idiots ..

  5. dudes got epic game ;D

  6. @Capeau
    look at rihanna's perfume bottle and tell me which is worse :)

  7. i surely hope the parfume doesnt smell as bad as that bottle looks :)

  8. If only it worked like that

  9. the new london fragrance smelll like a chav

  10. imagination ?

  11. Yea, a lot of people want to smell like London right now.

  12. Giorgio Gentilini

    i don't like this advertisement..this voice in the background is boring…is a lot better showing immages whit a sweet music in the background

  13. Does the London fragrance smell of burning buildings?

  14. this was.. kinda bad

  15. i ain't buying this shit ROFL

  16. where the rioter..?

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