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PICKS: ➤My Top 5 Evening Perfumes ♡

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  1. I love musky/woody perfumes over flowery and light scents. I found musky perfumes tend to work well with my chemical balance, no matter if it is evening or daytime. Do you have any other recommendations besides these 5?

  2. Dior Addict dark blue has been my favourite since 2003 I couldn't find a fragrance that can beat it..

  3. i think you should list down all the perfume u mentioned

  4. Could you post the names of the perfumes in the Description on this and the daywear video? Would highly appreciate it! :)

  5. Is that the Audrey necklace you are wearing? It is gorgeous!!

  6. Random Rainbow Stuff

    I went to the houseoflx website like you said below in a comment and the audrey necklace looks completely different. Are you sure that's where you got it, or did the change the design?

  7. Random Rainbow Stuff

    Love the necklace! I noticed that you have a lot of the same perfume brands for transitioning from day to night/evening. Juicy couture, Gucci, Jean Paul Gaultier. All three of these brands were in both vids!
    Love your descriptions you came up with!       ;)

  8. Love love love! 😍 these perfumes look amazing and probably smell amazing too! I was really interested in your nails as well! What nail polish color are they?

  9. Honest Truth Dating

    Sounds like all your top perfumes have some vanilla in them.  Vanilla is one of the top pics in fragrances for men and women, interesting, thanks for sharing 

  10. You look like Renee Zellweger.:)

  11. Love your perfumes but the only thing i could pay atention in this video was your skin. For gods sake, plase make a full tutorial of this make up.. from the foundation until the eyes… your skin has just this perfect glow!
    You're very beautiful, dear!

  12. Priyanka Elffrost

    I love your necklace! Where is it from? :)

  13. didn't you forget number two? the JPG lotion is not considered a "perfume" 

  14. You are extremely beautifull.. nice review..  greet's :)  

  15. I love your look!

  16. please please please put back the daywear perfumes. i loved it so much :( and i kinda forgot those perfumes. I only remember juicy couture :)

  17. Loooove it!!
    Would love to see your daytime favourite perfum 😊😊😍😍

  18. love that necklace!!!

  19. Namusubo Nubuwati

    he he  i love your perfume because it is very  nice to my skin , &i beg u to continue selling it.

  20. Christina Valentina (everydayblush)

    Love your nail color! Going out to try the Christina Aguilera perfume, I love finding nice fragrances that don't cost a fortune, xoxo

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