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Pi by Givenchy | Fragrance Review

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  1. 6:16 he says stay away from this for older gentleman, lol, im 65 and loving it!

  2. Nicely done!  I got mine on a cruise ship last year and have enjoyed it every day.

  3. ‫שחף כהן‬‎

    you are brilliant.. really enjoy hearing your reviews

  4. I wasn't expecting such an informed review. This was overwhelming. Touché kind sir!

    I was being held in contempt by a young lady over not understanding that I should own this cologne. So I purchased it site unseen, and I'm glad I did. Girls love this scent.

  5. Very underated fragrance in my opinion. This is still one of my all time favorites. Great for winter, a date or even casual work wear. Only time i wouldnt wear it is during high heat. 

  6. i personally love this scent, i hate licorice as well and dont quite smell that in here. its one of the first colognes that I've purchased for myself mainly because the "vanilla" like scent that i got from it, i  loved it. you're right though, one or two sprays is more than enough, it sets extremely well and smells better the longer it sits on your skin. 

  7. I love this one but I have to say, wearing it as a signature, I've only ever gotten one compliment for it and that was from a girl who had been hitting on me for a while already so I wouldn't be surprised if the compliment was just to make conversation rather than to actually say it was good, further, she said that she was surprised it was a men's fragrance. 

    The stuff doesn't last long on me at all, I need 5 sprays and it's all but gone after 5 hours. 

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