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Pi by Givenchy Cologne/Fragrance Review (1999)

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  1. Chergui?

  2. I bought a bottle of Pi by Givenchy on a cruise ship last month.  For me, two sprays is the perfect amount; three is too much!  It's great on lasting power and seems to change constantly — with each turn being a positive new facet.

  3. haha why do you pronounce "paris" as "patty"

  4. LivingYourOwnLifeTV

    Can somebody please tell me the Guerlain fragrance that he recommends in this video? Obviously, I am not French:)

  5. They also have a PI, Eau de Parfum. It was very very limited and only came in 30 ml bottles. 

  6. ive owned this bottle for more than year and i didnt know that was a stopper on the sprayer!thanks for the info!  i do agree wit you tho ..its not a signature scent type fragrance..women do like it a lo!

  7. anyone else get a "wet wipe" vibe on the opening?

  8. My Fav next to lolita lempicka au masculin

  9. silverss onyoutube

    its one of the most complimented frags on fragantica, heaps of women absolutely go crazy for men wearing this stuff . its going in my collection aswell .

  10. how do you store your fragrances?
    could you please show us

  11. smells this like jean paul gaultier nr 2?

  12. Oh oh, this is a men's cologne??? I worn this yesterday and it smells amazing, shut! I'll still wear it :-) this smells very unisex to me.

  13. Hey Marc: I blind bought this, after watching your review, and could not be more pleased. I consider you my "point man", as we travel through this fragrant jungle. Thank you, bro, and take care of yourself. – Rob ( from Indy – USA )

  14. PrettyBoyLaLin P

    Excellent review, as always, Marc. Thanks.!!
    Superb fragrence!!…

  15. 1 Million is the one i am using currently since pi went out of the Danish market… I still prefer pi tho…

  16. Spirituese Double Vanille by Guerlain

  17. What is the fragrance he mentions at 13:52?

  18. If you like Pi, try Paco Rabee's 1 Million. A spicy, leathery colonge for colder months.

  19. is this for fall/winter ??

  20. Vanilla? Hows this compaired to la male

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