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Perfumes I’ve Been Loving!!!

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  1. Yes, Awesome! I'm excited about the Upload and ThAnk you for the Compliment on my name! 😊

  2. I looooove this video, you made me want to try them all and I'm not a scent whearer at all! I love how you so eloquently described each perfume, make me want to know about all that perfume business!

  3. TheBubbleGumPrincess

    Sarai! Lolita lempika packaging tho… Love!! I used to love a purple bottle from her.. Can remember the name. Love this video boo!

  4. I see a few I want to try! These are cruelty free?

  5. RaindropsandReveries

    I enjoyed this vid so much! Yay, I found someone else who likes Atelier Cologne! I haven't sniffed Sud Magnolia, but I love and will repurchase Figuier Ardent. :))

  6. Your brows. Are PERFECT.

    I just got Madagsacan Vanilla Flower as well! SO pretty!

  7. I used to love Jessica McClintock perfume. I used it every day for many yeaars. Loved that it lasted all day. Wanted to venture out and try new scents so I used to love Clinque Be Happy but I think they changed the notes cause it doesn't have the same scent. My favorite is DKNY Be Delicious.  Never get tired of it.

  8. I'd love to see a Dollar Tree Haul on Room, Specifical Bedroom decorations, or ideas. I love your dollar tree haul videos!

  9. i am quite focused when it comes to fragrance. for the last few months its been Wen 613 fragrance or Pacifica Tuscan blood orange ( which I finished and recently replaced with ruby red guava which I also love!) XO


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