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Perfumes For Autumn/Fall! My 5 Favorite Pics For Daytime, Nighttime, & In-between!

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  1. Victoria Kirkorova

    For me the rose one smells like gum, and so creamy sweet. Gucci envy was too spicy for me, these bitter oranges… Too much.

  2. blondedbythelight703

    I find her highly obnoxious.

  3. Please do an updated perfume collection. You are amazing at describing scents!

  4. This chick doesn't know what she's talking about. Gucci Guilty is a pepper smells, not spicy. It has pepper in it. 

  5. Jajaja fall and autumn

  6. I can't help being jealous of this chick. I know she has bad days too, but I would love to be this chipper…even just sometimes. Maybe I ought to work on that.

  7. Wonderstruck!

  8. "…my favorite perfumes for fall and autumn."…??? Last time I checked, fall and autumn were one and the same.

  9. How to make your curls so pretty

  10. xToOxRaWxIsTheTruth

    Crackhead bitch

  11. can you do a perfume for highschool/college girls tag?

  12. SparklingRed Rose

    you look and act like the girs with charlie sheen on 2 & a half men

  13. re: gold. It is not ironic that the bottle is gold; it is appropriate. These concepts are close to opposites!

  14. Mahammed Mohammed

    I understand what your saying!! About the gold

  15. GuapaSecrets lili

    Hi I'm french and I can't smell wonderstruck I can just buy it via internet. So I would to know if wonderstruck look like sugar pink ? Because I read so girls who said "it's a floral and fruity…" So… I'm afraid because I don't like candy scent I don't like sugar pink, so it's just a sugar scent ? I'm sorry I'm very very long, but I don't want make an error. And I'm sorry for my bad english I hope you understand. XOXO <3

  16. I can hear her sniff!

  17. do something like this for winter or spring ?:)

  18. I have the tayor swift one now :) thanks for the ..help I guess

  19. Oh my goodness. You're so gorgeous.

  20. i know i have nothing to do here but i have to say it your are the prettist woman in the world

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